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Despite an ever-widening scope of choice for the 21st century student, studying the nature of computer science means far more to me than an academic subject studied for a set number of hours a week. It is undoubtedly an ever influential and concrete foundation of the society we live in today.

A fascination into just how much society has begun to take the use of computing based technology for granted poses many perplexing questions. For example, in thirty years from now, how will the interaction between humans and computers have developed? Will we one day be able to communicate with computers in the same way we interact with humans?

It is questions such as this that have stimulated my interest to delve further into the world of computer science and greatly reinforced my belief that this is the right course for me.

As well as studying computing under the Access to Higher Education syllabus this year, a very big consumer of time has been the induction of the Raspberry Pi into my household, a small, single-board computer.

It has allowed me to delve into the basics of programming and has enabled me to take on projects ranging from setting up a home media server to building an Ad-blocking Wi-Fi access point.

These experiments have not only given me insight into what it's like to work on a computer related project and helped to develop my problem solving and researching skills, but also made me realise just how much I enjoy the challenge of being presented with a problem that cannot just be solved with one solution, but many.

Furthermore, I have a great interest in mathematics and feel that my continued studies in computing and maths together has helped to develop my understanding of the most basic, but arguably also the most important concepts of computer science.

It is as such that my recent studies of maths have shown me how to apply equations and formulae into the world of computing, particularly the use of algebra and geometric progression.

This has allowed me to become more adept and reinforce my ability to tackle things in an organised, logical and precise manner. I believe that it is skills such as these that lay down the foundations of being a successful student.

After I finished school I worked within the restaurant industry as a waiter. Working full-time in a real world environment enabled me to enhance a number of different transferable skills. Interaction with my colleagues and customers allowed me to advance my communication skills and use my initiative to the best of my ability in order to deal with many different customer problems.

Returning to college in preparation for higher education after having worked for a few years has allowed me to better apply myself in things such as teamwork, and use the resources and skills I have gained as effectively as possible to support a career within computer science.

Along with my studies at college, I have an interest in music and have played the guitar from the age of eleven. This passion inspired me to commence guitar teaching, where I taught at my local music shop on a one to one basis for two years. I enjoy travelling and spent the summer of 2014 travelling Europe alone.

During my travels I had the opportunity to work as a receptionist and tour guide at a youth hostel in Prague for 3 months. During this time I met people from all over the world which helped to develop my understanding of different cultures.

I hope that this personal statement supports my application and demonstrates that I am a hard-working and passionate student with a keen interest in computer science. I look forward to experiencing and contributing to all aspects of university life.

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This is my Personal Statement for Computer Science. Took a couple of drafts but managed to get it down to 47 lines exactly (including paragraph spaces). Hope this helps inspire anyone who may need a little help!


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