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My interest in computing was mainly the way of logical processing and problem-solving, the fact that if there were a problem there is a solution. I have enormous passion about mathematics and this is because my dad influenced and helped me in being keen in maths like him. I remember the first time I use computer, when I was 9 and in India and we played a game called “Aladdin”. I was always wondered how it made, could I make it, then how, what else it can do, etc.

After that, I came to UK and choose to use computers more often, even though I didn't know much about computers. But because of the major interest computing made me confident to learn and develop my passion in computing. Learning about computers myself gave me much more confidence in resolving challenging problems. I found computer problem solving much more fascinating than mathematics and I think it's because of the visual interface. It's also my eagerness to know more about computers. As a result, when my friends face a problem in their computers or have questions they normally ask me to fix it for them and I always enjoyed it as well. As also gained experience in setting up networks, server, connect computers to internet, change internal devices in a computer, etc that will definitely help me in university.

My interest in computers and solving problems logically compelled me to take course that is focused on computing, so after GCSE I choose to do ND in IT Practitioners. The course covers specifically for computing areas for example database, programming, business with IT, hardware, mathematics, etc, where I enjoy yet it is challenging. But this course helped me with understanding computers in a higher level with theory and practical.

My work experience was in an administration department of a Nursery School and I was responsible for recording data into spreadsheet, making posters, filing, updating data etc. From this experience I learned about responsibilities and the use of IT in business administrative section. I also worked part time in a company called Manrose in Reading, in their in despatching section and from this experience given me more lessons and guidelines in responsibilities and task deadlines. This gave me the opportunity to work in a team and I was really dedicated to them as I was very efficient in completing the task set for me effectively in the scheduled time.

My passion in computing doesn't end there, when I was in year 10, I set up a new website. And I have worked hard to learn managing the site, also earned technical skills for maintaining the site. Currently I am capable of designing and implementing web application within my knowledge range (Web-based Framework, PHP, and HTML). However currently the site has more than 3000 members registered. In my experience in web I have faced difficulties and made mistakes, of course I learned from those mistakes.

Within my course there are several areas where I have to cover specific topics in depth and detail. Along with the studies managing my site gave me enough tough times, but my good time management skills and the ability to cope with stress and pressure have enabled me to succeed so far.

Outside of school life, I have very much interest in sports, especially Cricket. I play for Woodley Cricket Club. I also used to play Table Tennis for my school, where I shined very well. I used to be the Tutor representative for my Tutor Group. This has given me the opportunity to develop my leadership skills as well as helping develop personal independence.
In a University, I hope to widen my knowledge in computing to even higher level. And getting a degree in computer science will offer me a range of career opportunities.

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hi guys, this is my first draft. tell me whats wrong, whats to add and take away.


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