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The constant implementation of new technologies in the real world and the reality that future development possibilities of the technology we use today are unknown is what truly intrigues me. Through the emergence of projects such as AlphaGo, a key aspect of computer science has stood out to be at the forefront of technological research, artificial intelligence.

To exercise my creative and systematic thinking skills, I created a Python program to help type 2 diabetic patients identify when their glucose levels are abnormal, and advise them on ways to correct this by providing a personalised diet plan. I implemented various algorithms and having physical evidence of them working, highlighted to me that computer science was the course for me, as I want to learn how to create more complex algorithms and apply them to solve real-world problems.

To further my knowledge about how computer science is used in the industry, I completed work experience at Sky which involved working with a group of software engineers on their website's login page. I advanced my teamwork skills by communicating with team members effectively to create a bug-free website. Additionally, I earned a place on the Sutton Trust programme 'Pathways to Coding' which teaches intermediate programming concepts. However, I took my initiative to advance further than the group and learn about programming paradigms like object-oriented programming. The programme also allowed me to develop my time management skills, as it involved participating in a hackathon where I was tasked with designing a school planner, all within a given time limit.

I was also selected to attend a summer school at University College London which involved coding a game using PyGame, Java along with a Micro Bit to program a functioning snakebot. One problem that I had to solve was to find out how to move the robot efficiently and I found the solution was to program it to move like a sinusoid wave. The experience allowed me to advance my problem-solving skills; an essential skill needed to study a computer science degree. I also attended a talk at Google's DeepMind, about how machine learning is helping the NHS diagnose quicker by using an algorithm to alert doctors. The talk opened my mind to the future possibilities of artificial intelligence, leading me to do further research where I came across a book, 'How to create a mind' by Ray Kurzweil. I learnt how there are disadvantages to neural networks but other methods that are possible to use today can, in fact, create a digital brain that would be "as capable as biological ones of effecting changes in the world".

During my studies of mathematics and computer science, I took a keen interest in the application of calculus in the big O notation and understood the value of conceptual understanding. While evaluating raw data in physics, I was able to develop my analytical skills, where I learnt the importance of refinement and attention to detail. The overlap of the three subjects has proven to be useful as I have been able to use all these skills interchangeably, not just in school, but in everyday life.

Last year I was elected to be head boy, where I delivered speeches at open evenings and liaised with the senior prefect team to create a better school atmosphere. This allowed me to enhance my leadership and interpersonal skills. Through winning karate tournaments and playing badminton for my county I have learnt to make quick decisions due to playing in high-pressure situations. I have also taken part in charity runs where I have raised GBP 1500 in total for charities such as the NSPCC and keep healthy in doing so.

A computer science degree will allow me to develop crucial skills I need to become a software engineer, as well as open doors to other careers. I am excited to take upon the challenges that the degree will present to me and most of all, eager to study something new that will for sure, affect our lives in the future.

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