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Since the first time I ever played a computer game, Sonic the Hedgehog, I have long had a passion for games. I love the fact that a computer games release can cause so much interest from fans that they will be willing to queue for hours outside a shop to get it. I love the feeling a game gives to the player when you have completed it on hard mode. Have you ever laughed so hard at a game you cried? I have plenty of times and that is what makes a good game amongst other things. I have a real keen eye for detail when it comes to designing or coding something, if a piece of work takes extra hours to make it perfect, I will put the hours in outside of college to make it perfect.

I have chosen to study Computer games course at university because I know that my dedication and passion for games along with a university degree in the subject will take me far in the gaming industry. I know that I am right for a computing games course at university because I am already developing the skills needed to design and program games. In college I am learning high level languages such as Pascal, Delphi and SQL. In my own time I am learning the C++ language using Microsoft Visual C++. I also have DarkGDK which is a games development add-on that works with C++ to allow you to make simple games. When not tied up with college work and programming I love to design characters and models that could be used in games I create.

In my Computing course I am developing a stock control database and till program for use in my place of work, this is being done using Delphi programming language. Computing really appeals to me in a way that no other subject does, the feeling of designing, analysing, creating a working program then working in a team to make it perfect is far better in my opinion than sitting and taking notes constantly.

In law I have looked at the civil side in my own time, including many cases put forward against games and their content (like Hellgate London). In philosophy we have been studying moral philosophy, and discussed the morality of films and games. The main qualities I get out of law and philosophy is the ability to think logically and critically which evidently will help me when programming.

When I undertook my work experience I worked for Brimar for two weeks, which specialises in designing and producing cathode ray tubes (CRT) and monitors for civil aviation and military vehicles. During this time I worked in many vital aspects of the company including accounting, gun production and testing of CRT and monitors, my favourite part of the company, however, was the design of the CRTs and monitors, this used CAD production in 2D and 3D to model and render the products.

I am currently working part-time in my familys pub business. I have been working here for several years and cover several roles including serving customers, taking payment, cleaning (not the best bit), stock taking, maintenance and keeping the customers happy. In addition to these listed I also do a lot of work on the computer that advertises events in the pub and maintain the wireless internet connection.

Outside of college I love to go rock climbing, I go every Wednesday with a group of friends to the Manchester climbing centre and spend 6 hours every week progressing through the grades. I am hoping to do the Duke of Edinburgh award later this year with college. I passed my driving test a short while ago, my parents bought me a car and I have just got my first insurance policy, with the ability to drive I have opened a lot of windows for myself, including transport to university.

My dream job in life is to work for a games company which produces multi-platform console games and MMORPGs and a university course involving games design will help me reach that goal.

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This personal statement was written by eb737 for application in 2009.

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I first had a hard time writing a personal statement tailored to Computer Games design/programming, i read thouh some of the satements on under the computing and it topic to get me stared. Once i was going i ocouldnt stio writing and in the end i was over the limit, i spent ages trying to cut it down to size and i ended up with 5 drafts sent to my tutor.


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Wow, that's opne hell of a personal statement, you could go far with this. You've got just the right balence between thuings you've done, skills you have and personal intrests. If only I could write something as good as that...

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