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I became interested in computers and modern technology, owning my own computer at the age of twelve. This gave me the opportunity to gain knowledge and an understanding in computers. I made the decision to broaden my knowledge of computers by studying BTEC National Diploma IT Practitioners in Software Development. The course has given me an in-depth insight into wide range of computer aspects from operating systems, programming in Java to computer hardware. I believe the industry is now dominated by computers therefore this gives me the opportunity to carry on expanding my knowledge in the field of computing.

I really enjoy playing games and trying to figure out how it's made but I never really got to understand how games are made till I connected to the internet at age of fourteen. The internet helped me to gain knowledge in a wide range of multimedia development aspects from an understanding in programming, creating websites, 3D modelling and animation, 2D animation to graphics design. This also helped me to gain knowledge in a wide range of development applications for example Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Maya, 3DSMAX, Microsoft's visual studio express (VB.NET, J# and C#), JBuilder.

I have been given the opportunity to gain some knowledge of the web development industry by creating websites for different clients for example restaurants and solo traders. One in particular I remember was someone trying to sell their apartment. I also took part in helping secure the college's network using outside methods, this helped me to gain knowledge in how networks are created and managed. I've have also create 2D and 3D personal projects. One of my main accomplishments that I am proud of has been programming a robot using Java to be able to find objects hidden in the room like pencils, pens, shapes etc.

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This personal statement was written by limpep for application in 2007.

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I think its not strong enough and needs more work


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conveys the point, simple but effective, good luck

you made a bloody robot?! wow

you made a bloody robot?! wow. your such a G xx

yes its quiet good but good

yes its quiet good but good have expanded on some points lol

This is a verey interseting

This is a verey interseting personal statment i hope you got to were you applied for

good personal statement

gave me idea of what personal statement is.


Fantastic blog. Awesome.

wow such words such robot wow

wow such words such robot wow such java wow

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