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From as far back as I can remember, I have always had a keen interest in computers,electronics and gadgets. Keeping up to date with advances in technology has become somewhat of hobby for me. This love for technology, in turn, led to a love for both the world of hardware and the world of software.

It was on my twelfth birthday that I received my own PC. With this new PC, I took an interest in PC gaming. However for me, playing the game was not enough. I desired to understand how this game came to be.

The enthralling world of the Internet helped with this. From learning the history of video gaming to experimenting with different programming languages, the Internet has become a valuable resource. The first programming language I encountered was Lua.

I discovered that Lua was used in many video games as a scripting language. With the available resources, I was able to learn some of the fundamentals behind Lua. Following tutorials I managed to run versions of 'pong' on different platforms. Recently I have discovered XNA. Using the XNA software package and following some excellent tutorials, I have begun learning the fundamentals of the C# language.

Of course, without hardware there can not be software. Everywhere I look, I see examples of hardware running software.

From the digital watch on my wrist to the car parked outside, each piece of hardware and software work together to perform a particular task. It is interesting to see all the advances that have taken place with hardware in recent years. For me, the introduction of multi-core CPUs has been a particular highlight.

Projects such as Folding@home have greatly benefited from their introduction. One day, I hope to be able to look at a piece of hardware/software, and understand how and why it works together.

During my time in Transition Year at secondary school, I completed the The European Computer Driving License. This certificate verifies competence in computer use. All seven modules were passed without doing a single resit.

During this year, I also improved my team working abilities as a mini-company was set up with my classmates. After an interview I was given my preferred role as finance manager. Throughout the year we worked in co-operation, turning our business into a success.

Outside of school, I play field hockey with my local team and play five-a-side indoor football. This allows me to keep fit while socialising with my friends. I have enjoyed some success playing for the **** Hockey Club. I was privileged to be a part of the U-13 and U-15 teams which went on to be winning teams in the **** competitions.

At home I enjoy posting and commenting on various online forums. It is remarkable being able to share thoughts and opinions with people all around the world. Sometimes these thoughts and opinions may turn into debates, usually arising from some form of unanswerable question. I find arguments used by some people to be very interesting and beneficial.

This is an ever-changing world. During my time at university, I hope to delve deeper into the world of computing. I am eager to learn and understand the principles behind computing. In the future, I would like to see myself in a job where I would need be dedicated and committed to learning new things,throughout my career.

A degree in computing will give me the skills needed to turn this future into a reality.

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This personal statement was written by -Neon- for application in 2009.

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With this PS I got conditional offers for all the courses I applied for, ranging from Electronic/Computer Systems Engineering to a joint honours in Computer Science and Philosophy.


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