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I have always had a passion for computers. Ever since I realised I had the natural ability in this field. I have wanted to expand my knowledge of ICT. I find the more I learn the more I want to learn. I believe computers are not only a huge part of the present but will only become a bigger part of the future and I believe with the knowledge I have already gained and the knowledge I hope to gain in the future I will do better in the working industry.

Every part of every course to do with ICT I have enjoyed even if for example I found a unit challenging I relished in the chance to use my skills in ICT to complete a unit to the best standard, whilst learning more useful skills. I have always found that with every challenge put in front of me I have always come out of the other end with a wider range of skills and looking for the next challenge ahead.

The computing course I want to enrol in I feel is the right course for me, I believe this because it would be wrong for me not to go higher into my field of education, the Course I am taking now the applied A level ICT course is teaching me many aspects of computing and with the enjoyment I am gaining in this course I feel I must go higher.

After my completion of the computing course I hope to go into a career in systems analysis. With the all the skills combined throughout my journey in education I would have the right strengths to go into this career. I want to use the skills I gain in the best possible mannor. I have always enjoyed problem solving and with all my skills combined I want to be valued in an organisation and to be useful to any employer. I have experienced being in a team before many times and I have always relished it.

I have had many accounts of work experience, all involving team working. My first experience was a two week work experience placement in ASDA. I did 9-5 Monday- Friday for two weeks, with no pay. At only the age of 15 this experience was invaluable I learnt so much from just a short while, I mainly learnt that the working world most importantly needs to work as a team. I was mainly working on the shop floor where two or sometimes three members of staff were working with me to complete tasks and finish stacking stock on time.

My second work experience was at Sainsbury's, I gained ten months experience at this supermarket. This experience mainly taught me how to apply more than one skill to a job, as well as working on shop floor I was till trained and often asked to help out the till department if it was getting busy.

This taught me that I have the ability to handle more than one skill and put all my skills to use for my team. I also learnt how to deal with any type of customer, with time and with the help of my team I was able to keep my calm in any situation and be polite and confident to any customer that required my attention.

I was recently hired for Iceland stores as a Christmas temp. I am sure that this job will scratch of any rust I may have from a gap of employment. Also this Christmas temp job will give me a test to see if I can handle pressure in a busy period such as the Christmas holidays. With all this experience both behind and in front of me I am sure that I have no worries in applying myself to the working world.

I have looked at a number of options I can choose and I firmly believe that university is the best next step forward. Every aspect of university I know I will enjoy from expanding my knowledge even further to living in the halls and interacting with many different people.

One of the greatest things about college is you learn so much from other people, you are in the same boat as everyone else but everyone is different and I believe this will be the same at university. A place at your university will not be wasted I will prove that I can gain even more knowledge of the computer industry and use that knowledge in the best possible way.

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This personal statement was written by tgoss2 for application in 2008.

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I have put a lot of thought into this but id like feedback from anyone who cares to comment.


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well i used this personal statement, and it got me a place a hertfordshire university, so yeah its very good m8. thanks

really good

I am currently in the process of beginning writing my personal statement, this sounds really good..... Congrats to you!


I decided to help and sent a post to the social bookmarks. I hope to raise it in popularity!!....


Fantastic post.Really thank you! Great.


Very neat article post. Cool.


Im obliged for the blog post. Really Cool.

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