Computer Games Programming Personal Statement

It has been said a picture can paint a thousand words. If this is the case then I believe a game, an interactive picture, which can not only be observed but experienced fully by the user, an entire world for them to immerse themselves in can speak volumes. Games are a growing part of our society and become more and more popular every single day.

Games have been a lifelong hobby and enjoyment of mine, a way of escaping to a new world where you can leave reality behind and experience scenarios and situations that would not normally be possible for most people. However my greatest passion is not with the playing of games, but the workings of them.

I have always been curious about the way things work. Especially computers and the software they run. In my spare time I enjoy repairing, building and upgrading PC's for myself and friends. I like to learn about and have knowledge on most areas of computing hardware and software wise, however it is games and the creation of them which really catches my eye and sucks me in as the area I would love to go into as a career in life.

Despite my passion for games and computers I am not deskbound all day long. I have a part time job as a Business Machines Associate working in the technology section of my local Staples UK ltd store. Dealing with customer problems/repairs, offering advice and maintaining security protocol among other duties. The Job which I have held for almost a year now has given me a major confidence and initiative boost, taught me to work independently and think logically and on my feet.

When not at work, school or at my PC I can be found juggling another passion of mine. Balls, clubs, fire and knives I juggle just about anything and find it to be both an enjoyable and relaxing pastime. I also attend my local gym regularly in order to keep fit as I believe this benefits the individual in many areas of life both mentally and physically.

Being involved with school is another important thing to me. I have worked with the IT technicians testing the security of the school network and discovering a number of security holes which I pointed out to them which have since been corrected.

I continue to help maintain the integrity and security of the network by ensuring no security holes exist. I also visit a year 10 class once a week in the morning to help out with organising assemblies and events for them.

Learning more about how games are actually designed, programmed and put together has been something that I have actively tried to learn about myself ever since I had the resources available to me and have familiarised myself with Macromedia flash and the action script language it uses. AutoDesk 3DS Max and Maya (PLE edition) and have begun to teach myself C++.

I wish to carry on learning about games design and programming at university so that I can pursue it as a career and continue to extend my knowledge on it throughout my life. To be involved in the creation of one of the most enjoyable and advanced forms of entertainment today is a major ambition of mine.

To have the opportunity to leave a quirky Easter egg of my own hidden in a game. Games are like a concert where the audience gets to perform and I want to be the one who made the instruments.

Year applied: 
Computing and IT


this is a really good one,

this is a really good one, its obvious you play runescape ^^

you level 126 yet brah?

you level 126 yet brah?


Yeah man just got it last week!


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I really liked your article post.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

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