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From an early age I have always had a strong interest in computing and art. My interest in art started when I received a drawing board as a young child for Christmas, and my interest in computers spans from my first pc to the small network of home PCs I now own and manage

Initially the aspect of computing I was most interested in was design, which led me into designing web pages and graphics. Since then I have moved on to using different versions of Windows and more advanced networking operating systems and am now starting to learn Linux which is often used in practical industry networks. Using different systems and learning to use various methods and programs has always been very important to me, as I believe you must be versatile and willing to learn in such an ever-changing environment as computing. By learning new graphical programs I also gain flexibility in the way I work so I can be more creative in work I produce

My interest in arts moved into a more graphical style and I now study graphic design A level and have stopped basic art due to the way my interests have changed. I have found that I am now finding architectural work interesting, how ever I have yet to concentrate on a major project in this area. As graphical work in business is a team exercise I have become involved in several school group projects. I was involved in the Shepherd Challenge which was a project led by the builders Shepards to design a building for our school, I took the lead role in the design of the building but I was also involved in research and a business presentation to the board of directors of the company

My schools entry came second out of several hundred entries and we were highly commended. I then took part in another graphical based project in partnership with the White Rose, a local shopping centre to help create a virtual reality tour of the centre. These two projects, as well as playing for the school rugby team for my entire school career, have proven the importance of team work to me and I think I function well in a team and as an individual

As well as my interests in art and computing I am a member of the Morley senior water polo team and play in the goals which I find both challenging and rewarding. Now that I have started to play for the senior team I have begun to help train the next generation of players on a voluntary basis as the best way to learn and better ones self is to learn from experienced players

One of my best qualities I feel is my attendance. I have had less than a week off in the last 7 years. I have found the work in the 6th form to be interesting and challenging and I hope to follow this by taking the next step by going to university to learn more and challenge myself further.

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this is TERRIBLE

this is TERRIBLE

you did not go to 6th form

you did not go to 6th form because 6th form is not challenging

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