Computer Forensics Personal Statement Example 2

The world of ICT has developed immensely in many areas over the past twenty years at dramatic rates, computer systems are known to be the most authoritative tools in everyday life which represent the both present and future. It has become aware to me that the use of ICT is used in most regions including: business, hospitals, media and the entertainment industry therefore this has encouraged me to fulfil in a career which would allow me to connect myself in the rapid growing perception of computer systems.

From an early age I have always found most sectors of computing interesting, my first experience of a computer system goes back to when I used to visit my grandad, he would show me the concepts of how computers function and how it was possible to execute tasks on them, from then on I have always wanted to examine and identify the mysteries which lurk within computing and advance my wisdom to the extent where I could establish my learning in areas which have always interested me.

Consequently, I decided to further my education and study a Btec National Diploma in Information Technology, it has allowed me to gain experience in programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Access and Excel. Currently, I am working on a project which requires my dedication for total of 10 days with two fellow students; it is expected of us as a team to produce a proposal as well as an eBay store for an ultrapreneur who is looking to lengthen the quantity of stock which is sold via the Internet. I feel by doing this I will expand my abilities in communication, planning and project management skills.

I have volunteered to undertake the position of student representative; it is my role to show leadership, communication and team work skills in order to improve the college atmosphere and contribute student’s ideas, as part of this job it is required to meet up for regular governor meeting.

Whilst undertaking my work experience as an office worker in the human resources section of a NHS Health and Social care headquarters, this allowed me to develop skills in areas such as team work and communication. Throughout the provided placement I was surrounded by other office workers, although it was my responsibility to work and towards an objective and was highly trusted to import essential personal records into databases. I feel most importantly I learnt how to work independently.

Over the years, I have began to show a shear interest in computer forensics, what it involves and the skill and commitment which is required in how information is contained and created within computer systems and computing devices. I have investigated and researched all modules which are involved within the course; personally I feel that I am curious and intrigued to study and expand my knowledge in all areas of computer forensics including the law enforcement and legal proceedings behind the subject. Most of all I wish to elongate in the areas of Ethical Hacking and Network Security as I find all areas of Hacking engaging and inspiring, therefore I would feel fortunate and honoured to be given an opportunity to learn the varied factors and constraints which are involved within hacking.

In my leisure time I feel that this is the perfect chance to relax and de-stress, therefore I enjoy both watching and attending events in various sports such as: football, snooker, golf and tennis. I also consider health and fitness important, therefore I tend to eat healthy and attend the local gym on a regular basis. On the other hand, I enjoy socialising with friends, playing football and discovering nightlife.

To summarize, I feel my inspiration, confidence and enthusiasm for computer forensic supported by the course which is at offer would allow me to pursue in a career in areas which I am deeply interest in. I feel that a chance to study a degree in computer forensics would allow me to fulfil my ambition.

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This personal statement was written by PeteLanceley for application in 2010.

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This is just a draft, I know it's one line too long but I just want comments on how people feel I am getting along with it so far.



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