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Ever since I was introduced to video games, I became captivated by their depth and complexity. I did not see them merely as a form of entertainment to pass time. As games developed with time, my curiosity grew stronger. Playing video games was not enough for me anymore; I needed to know how they were created and brought to life.
I started off by researching the history and origins of video games and studied the evolution of the gaming era from the 90s to the present day. I watched documentaries and participated in online discussions about classic video games and their influence on more recent releases. I also focused on games that were commercial failures and analyzed the errors that caused them. I then moved on to watching Youtubers breaking down the games and modifying them by using different tools such as coding. I also watched developers' streams in order to see how video games were created with all the animations, event lists and code blueprints.
Programming video games quickly became a strong interest of mine. I knew that we were going to learn Java in school during my final year. However, I was not patient enough to leave it till then. I installed RPG Maker VX and Unreal Engine and looked up online tutorials for both software and followed their instructions. I also experimented with other features in the software, and I was finally able to create small game demos. I shared the demos with friends and family, and after quickly finishing them, their feedback was nothing but positive. With every praise and constructive criticism I received about the demos that I created, I became even more eager to become a game developer and had bigger projects in mind. One achievement of which I am very proud of was creating a robot for Discord, a voice and text communication platform. Discord allows people to host robots on their servers for automation purposes, so I created a bot written in C despite having zero knowledge of programming at the time. It was not a quick process, but I searched for online tutorials and asked other developers for help. Finally, after a lot of trial and error, I created a robot with multiple features such as calculating large and complex numbers and playing RNG based mini-games such as Rock Paper Scissors and turn-based Combat.
Within the large world of computers and software programming, I have found video games to be the most fascinating and interesting. That is why I have chosen to study Computer Science and Programming in order to pursue my passion of becoming a game developer. The development cycle of video games requires a team of people with different talents and skills such as graphic designers, animators, musicians, and writers. All the members of the team play an important role in creating a spectacular video game. However, the code is the heart of the video game, and I want to be able to bring the combination of efforts from the team into life. I look forward to being able to learn and work alongside students that are talented and passionate in order to create bigger projects.
Video games have had a huge impact on my life. I find them a form of art, a fantasia, brimming with imaginative worlds for us to thrive in and explore. Video games connect people together. They have created communities that have enabled people to meet others and form friendships. Video games also teach us a lot of valuable lessons. Some has taught me how a small action can change the fate of others and how it is important to stay determined and work with a team in order to succeed. Video games not only tell epic stories, but they make us part of them. I look forward to being able to create games that will inspire people and bring them joy. I know I will be able to achieve this through being around other passionate students in an environment that will help me reach my goals.

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