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I am passionate about all aspects of computer games development especially programming and games design. I have been playing computer games since 1990 when my brother got an *****. Since then I have played and experienced a wide range of platforms and games and retain my love for this form of entertainment. One of my favourite games of all time is *****, on the ***** and developed by *****, it played brilliantly, was graphically superb and had a perfect soundtrack. I would love to be involved in developing a game of that quality for the current generation of platforms. A computer games programme that gives me a strong foundation in computer science would be ideal. It would give me the fundamental skills and knowledge for adapting to this rapidly changing and evolving games industry.

Most of my reading time is spent on games magazines, such as ***** magazine, where I keep up-to-date with the latest news in the games industry, read game reviews, learn about different aspects of a career in game development and much more. In late *****, I attended *****, a fair for current and prospective students who are interested in a career in the games industry. I met representatives from a number of companies such as ***** and
*****. I attended one year of a three year BSc Mathematics with Computer Science course. I learned the basics of the Java programming language and also created a game demo in my spare time. During my A-Level Computing course, I developed a stock control system for *****. The main aim of my project was to create a more user-friendly program than its
current system. I successfully used the Turbo Pascal programming language to complete this coursework. I also have an excellent understanding of various Microsoft packages such as MS Word, Excel and Access.

Previous financial difficulties and the lack of computer games development courses have discouraged me from returning to university in the past. Now a range of new courses, more specific to the games industry, are now being offered at many universities. As a mature student, I feel I am ready to take on the demands of a full-time computer science course. I have clearer ambitions and career goals and a greater desire to succeed and gain
qualifications & experience. I am currently working at ***** where I am constantly looking for opportunities to express my creative qualities and IT skills. I realise the importance of keeping active especially as my IT career may involve long hours at a desk. I regularly attend the gym, play tennis and breakdance in my spare time. I am currently involved in a dance group, *****, where we scout for dance teachers and teach classes around London. I strive to be a positive influence to others & pass on my knowledge. I would like to be apart of any dance classes at university or set up my own if they don't already exist.

Japanese culture and technological advancements have always fascinated me. I am teaching myself to speak and understand Japanese with the ***** program and will seek professional tutorage in the future. Learning the language may give me the opportunity to export my services to Japan. I also draw and paint in my spare time. I create original artwork through my sketches and draw portraits for friends. I feel this will be a useful
ability to utilise when expressing my video game ideas.

My ambition after graduating is to work as a key member of a games development team. The positions I am most interested in are games designer and programmer where all my creative and technical skills I have developed on my course will need to be applied. I would be proud to develop successful computer games that look and sound great with a well-structured and entertaining gameplay mechanic. I am also aware of the importance of being flexible and a Software engineer, Systems designer or Application programmer are also other options I could take outside the games industry.

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This personal statement was written by kban for application in 2007.


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load ae mince

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