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I work as a volunteer for a charity who helps elderly people to make them to be a part of today’s fast-moving society as much as possible. Its been a great experience and enjoyment spending time with these wonderful people. And here I realised how important it is helping others to have better life.

Someone told me once that if I want earn good salary, to go for advising role and sell as much as I can and don’t care about people. And this is one of the reasons why the recent economic down turn has brought many doubts into people’s lives. They are worried whether their savings are safe, whether they can trust to their bank’s advisers, whether they should invest their savings so they can have good standard life now or in retirement. One could go on.

This is one of the main reasons I have chosen career: Finance and at the same time being close to Economics and Politics to keep me alert. Giving advice to people and not carrying about them is the same as giving the wrong advice.

I have been studying BSc Economics and Social Policy program at Birkbeck College, which I enjoy very much. Choosing Quantitative Techniques, Applied Statistics and Econometrics, Macroeconomics and some politics options allowed me to understand a lot of issues in current economics climate.

I recently joined the New Leaf Distribution ltd. (NLD ltd) the only company authorized by FSA to provide training to new beginners who wants to start career in financial advising/Investment banking. It will provide me great opportunity and chance to step into the financial world, which always has and will influence people’s lives.

Working for KPMG has also been more than just a job, the audit, tax and advisory company, one of the best companies in the world (the best company to work for in 2007, 2008, and 2009) has been giving me opportunities all over the world, including USA, Eastern Europe and Switzerland.

It has been giving me better understanding and purpose why it is so important to do things right, to look after the world we live in. The company’s vision assures me more and more that the path I have chosen is right and that I am the right person for it as I do care about people and their future.

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