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Information Technology has become all pervasive within people’s lives, yet many of us take its presence for granted. Through its ever increasing use it has become, in many instances, a force for good, whilst at the same time there has always remained the possibility that it could be harnessed as a force of evil. In addition, its use has become increasingly politicised, for example, the current plight of Julian Assange, the creator of Wiki-leaks is, some believe, an attack upon freedom of speech, whilst others see it as necessary to maintain the national security of sovereign states. It is for these reasons that ICT is, for me, the best choice of career as it gives me the motivation to create or provide a service that could make a change on a global scale and I believe that by attending university I shall have the opportunity to do this.
I am currently studying Business AS and A2 as well as Media A2 having completed my BTEC IT Level 3 last year. I believe that I have not side tracked myself from wanting to do IT at university. I chose this subject in order for me to think of ways of connecting all subjects together in the future. For example IT and Media is becoming quite popular as we have things like BT Vision or HTC’s Media Link and it is something I have considered doing in the past but my strong points are in databases. Through learning business I understood functions that happen in companies. I saw companies more often than not; require IT activities going on in the business and whether its databases for holding records or networking or e-commerce, such things I would learn at university on the course. I chose this course without forgetting my subjects and am using them to boost my knowledge.
I wouldn’t have chosen such subjects to do in university without first diving into some experience to gain an insight into what it would be like to work in positions which would require experience of a Business related degree. I have had the privilege of being able to work for BT having won a competition for work experience. It was there that I worked alongside Omosoft, a website designing company for BT. It was intensive yet great fun. I’ve also had a chance to work with the directors from a company called Iron Mountain which mainly deals with Information. This involvement extended to me an awareness of the intricacies of managing a business and the high levels of communication and planning required. UBS has been my last venture in to the business world, at present where I completed a 2 day course designed to build skills such as creativity and confidence as well as knowledge of the corporate world.
In my spare time I participate in many sports but mainly football and basketball. I am extremely athletic yet participate largely for relaxation and recreational purposes. I’m no stranger to the gym and try to go at least 2 a week. As well as sports I am also a Cub Scout leader. I have been a member of scouting since I was eight years old. Since then I have worked my way up, have become well known in the borough and even won a Jack Petchy Award for charitable works. Furthermore I just finished some volunteering work which took place in Sri Lanka. I was there for two weeks and helped refurbish school classrooms and orphanages as well as look after children from the ages of zero to five from the orphanage. Sri Lanka itself was an arduous task but definitely resulted in me improving my teamwork skills as well as increasing my experience of the outside world.
My ultimate aim in life is to be able to make a positive impact upon society, to improve peoples’ lives by offering them greater opportunities. I believe that studying at your institution will be another step towards achieving that goal.

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