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"The world of computers is growing at an un-recordable rate everyday, computers are the most influential tools in our lives, they are our present and future.

In my opinion nothing on the planet can measure the exponential growth and excitement in the computing industry, and industry which I want to be a part of, particularly Software Engineering.

As long as computers are around, Software Engineering will take place after all, people need to write and code the programs like Microsoft Word, and code your games, they don’t just appear.

My goal is to be part of a team who creates worthwhile, efficient and useful software for consumers. And the Engineering course if I work at it, which I will, will be the key to my success, my current computing A-Level course is a good first step for my goal.

Other courses I am currently studying are Mathematics and Accountancy, Maths is also very important to my selected career, Maths is a universal language, it is used by everything, and is very involved with Computers.

I enjoy number work, so an obvious choice at A-Level was Accountancy although I find this subject less challenging than others, its still interesting and fun, but it doesn’t grip me like Computing and is not an immediate career choice.

I am hard working and currently work at my local ASDA store, I am on the Provisions/Chilled section and am part of a big team, we each depend on each other to meet deadlines, its quite a demanding job as you have to deal and be trained with customer services and complaints as we work on the shop floor during open hours.

I currently work a 16hour weekend for ASDA, which provides the money I need for hobbies.

My hobbies include football, going out to the cinema and the odd club or pub, shopping for myself and others, my PC, and the most expensive of all, my girlfriend.

I also like to swim, I find it quite relaxing and it is good exercise. I also love to eat out, going out for meals with friends is unrivalled by almost any social gathering including clubs and pubs, I love sitting around a table talking and joking about with friends while drinking and eating, its something I try and do at least once a month. Friends are very important to me and I try to be the best friend I can.

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This personal statement was written by McDaniel for application in 2003.


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i dunno much about ps's sorry

i dunno much about ps's sorry, but i just think your awesome :) i'd accept ya if it was me

i think your hobbies don't

i think your hobbies don't sound very professional you shouldn't be talking about clubbing and bubbing as it is not gone help you........


there's not much on there about what you actually want to do, it's mainly focused on your hobbies and interests. although universities do want to know that you have a life outside of school, you don't really appear to have much of a school life as in there are no mention of skills you have gained from doing a course. suggest you focus on school achievements before your hobbies go in

it was the first decent

it was the first decent personal statment i've read in a long time


u need to be little bit more technical you should state and write about what u have achieved so far and how its going to help you in the near future. other then that very good.

More detail on why the course

More detail on why the course appeals to you and what you skills you have gained from previous courses.. and less about hobbies! Also the part about "expensive girlfriend" wasn't exactly professional.


You seme to be entusiastic, but the grammar lets you down a bit i.e. dont start sentances with prepositions like and and or etc, its a bit slap dash and not really structured, keen though, I'd accept you just on that.


To the post above, wtf are you talking about grammar? Since when is "Seem" spelt "Seme" and "Sentence" spelt "Sentance" look at your own grammar before you critisize others.


spelt critisize wrong :P


"and the most expensive of all, my girlfriend."

as long as a woman isnt reading this over, im sure they will have a good laugh at that and this PS will be memorable for them which is deffinantly good.

"look at your own grammar

"look at your own grammar before you critisize others."

Grammar and spelling, generally speaking, are two different things. Why don't you check the definition of grammar before you go criticising other people for it.

I hate the paragraph where

I hate the paragraph where you were describing you hobbies, it sounds like something written by a tweleve year old. But the last line is OK it send the the right message.

Opening statement is

Opening statement is brilliant well done


no offence but it's really silly to mention your girlfriend because the university doesnt actually care tbh, also saying that you go to the pub isnt the best idea, it really isnt that professional or appropriate.

the begining is quiet god as

the begining is quiet god as you talk about your qualification,,,,and i like the last paragraph about your hobbies its funny and attention catching keep it up,gud luck wid ur future ,,,,,,,,,,great persnal statment,,

well, noting much on school

well, noting much on school carreer just about hobbies. i really dnt think clubbing and pubs... girlfriends should be included in the statement, maybe more was required on the skills gained at your job and college.

ITS a good personal statement

ITS a good personal statement. I m going to write mine but don't know how to write a good one .can someone help me!

not bad

aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ave not even started mine yet i dont know what to write?



The last hobby paragraph is

The last hobby paragraph is completely irrelevant to what you are trying to achieve writing this statement. the university are not going to care about your hobbies or what you do with your friends. they want to know what you can offer them, not other friends in uni

You really need to focus on

You really need to focus on academic achievements before rambling on about hobbies.



brief and clear explanation

brief and clear explanation

Thanks for the idea

yeah, thanks this is my statement now?

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