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I decided to take up I.T because it is an important feature of our everyday lives. This is not the only reason I have chosen to take this path, I have many interests in IT especially the web design field.

To me information technology in the form of communication is vital. I particularly find it interesting when technology is used in the entertainment and advertising field

I frequently surf the World Wide Web, which I find invaluable for a whole range of interests and studies including communication, entertainment, shopping, and sources of information for I.C.T. The course that I am currently studying places great emphasis on teaching about the World Wide Web, and how to make full use of it, this tells me there are others who share my view and understand the importance of this phenomenon in our society

My current interests lie with Information & communication Technology and as I keep learning, information technology plays an increasingly important role in Vocational Science - in the form of obtaining and disseminating vital information to the right people

About 2 years ago I worked in my fathers Internet business in Pakistan for about 4 weeks. From this I learned how the E-Commerce business works and the importance of this in the modern world. I also learned the importance of making big decisions, which is a fundamental component in the efficiency of an Internet business

At this point I think that my future lies in the World Wide Web and E-Commerce. However, I understand that I must take an open view on I.T as a whole rather than the Internet, and E-Commerce

My ideal choice would be working in an Internet business similar to my fathers, which I hope to aim for

In my spare time I enjoy playing a wide range of sports, ranging from football, cricket, table tennis, basketball, and so on, which I find the perfect way of keeping fit. I also work in a fast food franchise on weekends, which is called KFC. I also like reading books; one of my favourite books are "To kill a mockingbird" by Harper Lee, and"Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley.

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Its very good that. Love it.

Its very good that. Love it.
Gud luck

whats the difference between

whats the difference between ict and computer science??


i bet you didnt get in.


KFC boyyyyyyy...

(No subject)

(No subject)

(No subject)

ok, but could have done

ok, but could have done better with a bit of research about computer science, or I.c.t in general

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