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As a keen gamer, it has always been a dream to follow games programming as a career and work for a game developing company or, preferably, to run my own business. This is why I have decided to study a course in this field. From an early age, gaming has captured my attention. As a result, videogames became my main hobby; however, this does not only involve playing videogames. In addition, I write reviews and guides for the games I play and post them on websites such as GameSpot. Being an enthusiastic gamer, I have always wanted to know how they were created and my ambition is to create a videogame myself. Having researched this field, it came to my knowledge that the production of a videogame comprises several different stages.

Presently, I am studying a BTEC National Diploma in IT Practitioners (System Support), wherein I have achieved seven distinctions and two merits for the first year. During this second year, I will continue working hard in order to achieve distinctions in all modules. I am a very ambitious student, conscious, reliable and punctual. As part of my BTEC course, I am learning object oriented programming and web designing, two fields in which I am particularly interested in. During the first year I studied computer animation, which was a very fun and interesting subject to learn about especially as it can be easily related to computer games.

As my interest in computing has developed over the years, I have explored different areas, learning about the basics of networking, some basic programming and in-depth web designing. Independent learning is a great experience for me, and I often do it in my spare time, researching about different fields within computer science.

Additionally, as a hobby and a project, I am currently working on my own website. I have knowledge in scripting languages such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Learning web development is of great enjoyment to me, as I work through the planning and designing stages of my website and proceed to the scripting stages. I also have experience with software, mainly Adobe Dreamweaver and Flash, as well as Photoshop.

Moreover, I enjoy taking part in extra curricular activities that don't specifically relate to computing. For example, I have taken a course in events production & management and driving awareness. Additionally, I am currently taking a course in filming and editing. I also enjoy volunteering and work-experience. Recently, I have worked at “Run 2 the Beat”, London’s half marathon. I was part of a team with the responsibility of taking in bags from competitors prior to the start of the race and returning their bags at the end of the event. The bags had to be sorted according to the competitor’s ID number.

These activities have enabled me to develop my interpersonal skills and meet new people. It has also improved my confidence when dealing with people as well as essential skills such as effective communication. While in University, I am looking forward to becoming a student ambassador as well as taking part in more extra-curricular activities.

I have various interests and like to explore different areas such as writing fantasy stories, musical instruments such as acoustic guitar and languages such as Portuguese and Spanish. Having knowledge in different areas will be very useful for me in University. I enjoy reading and researching different subjects and I believe this skill of mine will help me achieve my goals in University and life. Being ambitious and hardworking, I intend to start my own game development company and will focus on this goal throughout my academic career.

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This personal statement was written by AlanDawk for application in 2011.

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City University
Brunel University
The University of Essex

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I have received all conditional offers, with the exception of Brunel. I've accepted a conditional offer from Essex University and will start my Computer Science course in October 2011 at the Colchester Campus.

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