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I have had an interest in computers and gaming since I was introduced to them by my brother at a young age. I am fascinated in how different games work, such as the animation and the code behind the game itself. My favourite type of games are MMORPG style games such as World of Warcraft. This is because there is such a wide variety of things to do and I would love to be able to be part of making a game like this. I believe the reason why I am so interested in studying Games programming is I enjoy problem solving and the prospect of seeing people using something that I have worked on is a thrilling prospect.

To see what companies are looking for I got into contact with a range of larger and smaller games companies such as Rockstar Leeds, Lionhead, Jagex and Activision. They said that a good overview at everything is very helpful, but also to focus on programming as this relates the most to my interests and will give me a good look at the different languages used. They recommended that I go on an Industrial Placement Scheme as experience is a vital thing to have in the games industry.

In college I study for a BTEC National Certificate in IT and A-Level Maths and Chemistry. I got a B at AS-level in both Maths and Chemistry and am also on target for a Distinction overall in my BTEC. In my Maths course I chose to study Decision maths which looks at algorithms and ways a computer would go about solving a problem, and I also did Mechanics which looks at using a large variety of methods to aid in problem solving. In ICT one of the units looked at different programming languages; Java and Visual Basic. We were tasked with writing a program using both of these languages for a mock company, where the client-side user could run different searches on a set of data. Other units include Networking, Website Creation and Graphics among other things. I also have an AS-Level at a C grade in Geography and Physics. These subjects require you to look at all information to draw conclusions, such as a method for protecting the land from coastal erosion from a Geographical point of view, or getting accurate and reliable results using a variety of equations and methods in physics.

I previously attended ***** School. Whilst at this school I became a prefect and was also put forward to be part of the senior prefect team. Being a prefect allowed me to work with other people as part of a group. I also did open evenings for both secondary school and College.

When I get chance, I look at creating modifications for some of my PC games, like maps on Dawn of War, or add-ons for World of Warcraft, just simple things that you are able to play online against friends with, but also rewarding as I can allow people to download it and know they are playing on something I created and also get feedback on what I could improve.

The interests I have span lots of different areas which will aid me in both my academic and social life. I am looking forward to going to university so I can move away from home, make new friends, learn some new skills and also expand on the ones I already have.

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This personal statement was written by Luk359 for application in 2009.

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Applied to uni late to study Computer Game Programming. This is my statement, thought other people could get some ideas from it to help them.


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