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As a child, driven by an unnatural curiosity, I was often damaging some electronic devices by knocking them down and failing to reassemble just for finding out what they contained or how they worked.

I have developed this habit later on computers with the difference that I did not caused any major damage to any.

My parents brought me my first computer when I was 9. At that time, only few persons knew how to use it and no one had time to teach me, so I had to learn by my own.

As I was discovering more about software programs and hardware devices from books, IT magazines, articles, forums and practical research, my interest in them was increasing and computers have soon become one of my passions.

In order to know more about it, I was working during my summer holiday in one of my friends' computer store, where I was installing the software on computers.

Next to computers, I like mathematics, which represents a way to relax me, to raise my morale when I am wretched or sad; solving or discussing about a difficult problem has always made me feel good.

At school, it has been my favorite subject, at which I have excelled not only by taking great marks but by obtaining prizes and mentions in national, county and local competitions and Olympiads, such as a bronze medal at the National Mathematics Olympiad in 9th grade, first prize at the County Mathematics Olympiad in the 9th, 11th and 12th and several other prizes and award in national contests.

My achievements are the results of a perpetuate preparation acquired with the help of the teachers from my school and from the program for Gifted Youth "Centru de excelenta", which I attended in the last five years.

The love of mathematics and computers was the main factor that influenced my career decision, to work in the technology industry, which has become one the most important industries, being vital for modern economy and other fields as well as a part of every person's life.

This decision determined my university course choice as one related to computer science, which will help me to acquire the education, skills and experience that my career requires.

My preparation for career began in high school, where I have studied Mathematics and Informatics.

As a student, I focused on my profile subjects: mathematics, physics and computer science, which made me to distinguish in my classroom and in competitions, by winning prizes and awards such as the ones won at mathematical contests, a Honorable Mention at International Phi Contest at physics and a second and a third prize won at the national phase of the same contest, though I have not neglected the other ones, receiving high marks at most of them.

In the mean time I have participated to an ecological program, initiated by my biology teacher, intended to decrease the environment pollution by presenting its effects.

As hobbies, I like to watch classical movies and to read about it and about actors, to read literature, history, nutrition and psychology, to solve puzzles and brain teasers, to play tennis and basketball, to swim, to listen to music, to drive, to discover new things about different cultures, to travel and to hang out.

I have always dreamed to study in UK because I admire people's mentality and nature, the education given to students, the living standards and I am fascinated by its history and its language.

It would represent a great opportunity for me to discover new a culture and mentality and to live in a multicultural environment. I wish my qualities, skills and achievements make me a good candidate for your university and help me fulfill my dream, by attending a Computer Science course.

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This personal statement was written by cyana13 for application in 2008.


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times changed

i think this is a slightly ambitious statement. I eman this in a way that this person hopes that by storytelling, he/she can get in. Not too reliable people...moving on.

slightly too long for ucas

slightly too long for ucas applications, needs cut down a little


I appreciate you sharing this article post.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

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