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The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it." (Oscar Wilde) The role temptation plays within the context of the criminal psyche, is a matter which compels my inquisitive and analytical mind to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding.

Do we as a society and the criminal as an individual, require temptation in order to function adequately?

Furthermore, is it the actual nature of temptation within both society and the mind, that cause criminal activity, and do both need the other in order for survival?

The possible interpretations for criminal behaviour seem to be infinite, with criminals evolving as the world does.

The vast array of complexities surrounding criminal behaviour enthrall me; and may be far beyond both logical reasoning and human imagination.

The passionate desire I possess for analysing and understanding people's behaviour and logic has been apparent since my early adolescence.

What intrigues me most are those aspects of the criminal that trigger my sub-conscience into desiring knowledge of how and why criminals function.

The path upon which I have embarked since leaving secondary education has been an enlightening one.

Overcoming my own personal traumas in the past decade has enabled me to evolve into a strong and empathetic individual.

My years within Air Cadets and my personal experience with youth offending have led to profound moral reflection over all aspects of my life.

I feel I am now so detached from what was once my life and the ordeals that came with it, that I can fully appreciate my strength of character.

It is this journey through life that has enabled me to have an open-minded and analytical approach to all I aim to achieve within my life, on both a personal and academic level.

I am confident in my ability to accomplish all my goals and aspirations which will continually change and develop throughout the process of life.

I currently study, work part-time and am a highly self evaluative mother to a dynamic 2 year old boy. Incorporating these vital aspects of my life, with the amount of self directed learning required on my access to HE course, has enhanced my efficiency and increased the desire to challenge my personal capabilities.

The substantial support network I have in place from family and friends has also improved my levels of confidence and self belief.

My employment within a small community pub has been an extremely insightful and motivating experience. Having experienced a vast array of people; with differing characteristics and perspectives, has given me the ability to look past initial misconceptions and stereotypes.

I relish the challenge of analysing and exploring the different avenues of thinking within the diverse range of subjects embarked upon in my access to HE course.

I am currently astounded at the relevance the role of the criminal plays within all aspects of the modern day world, and how this is encapsulated within several of the subjects I have undertaken.

Specifically in regards to education and the Weberain theory, who argues that all members of society and class are of equal importance to each other.

It also intrigues me to explore the different forms criminals take throughout the course of History.

The opportunities within my access to HE course to delve into the criminal individual feed my constant hunger for gaining knowledge and understanding.

As an individual I surround myself with long standing friendships that have quietly accompanied me throughout the past decade.

I value my family immensely and am fully engaged into evolving into a positive role model for my young son.

I believe that my past experiences have equipped me with the motivation and tenacity required to become a conscientious student.

I eagerly anticipate walking through the doors that the world of education will open for me. As Max Erhmann said, "For all its sham and drudgery it is still a beautiful world."

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This personal statement was written by teenmoobs for application in 2009.

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My personal statemnt is very personal to my own life experiences, and I have tried to incorporate all factors and experiences which have help to develop me into who I am today.
I hope this is some form of help to someone as I found it very difficult to find a decent personal statement exapmle for the subject criminology. I applied for all courses within the field of criminology, although several were dual honors, Criminology is my main subject area.
I am open to feedback and your views on my statement as long as you are constructive and not malicious.(",)


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Brilliant personal statement.

Brilliant personal statement. Truly inspiring. Congratulations


I really liked your post.Much thanks again. Really Great.

Put down the thesaurus, jeez.

Put down the thesaurus, jeez. This is one of the most waffly PS's ever.

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