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The subject of crime and punishment never fails to captivate the public's interest and spark intense debates. Due to my passion for criminal justice, I chose to study social sciences with an EPQ on The Hillsborough Stadium Disaster, which includes a comprehensively researched dissertation in which I was able to fully understand the policing deficiencies that occurred. I am eager to work in a criminological setting, helped by the continuance of my studies, as my courses have allowed me to sharpen my critical thinking abilities and investigate the world around me, all whilst improving my communication skills in group assignments.

In October 2023, I went on an educational trip to California, which was a significant highlight of my studies. This included an exploration of Alcatraz Prison and visiting Stanford University. Gaining access to the infamous correctional facility offered me valuable insights into the culture and living conditions experienced by many convicts. I was able to improve my perception of criminology by gaining exposure to a transatlantic judicial system, and I intend to do similar trips in the future. Moreover, my engagement with my other subjects prompts me to reflect on how society shapes our identities and beliefs, the influence of socialisation on individuals, and the complex interplay between crime and society.

My significant interest in policing has inspired me to pursue a degree and work in a related profession, since my studies have only heightened my curiosity for criminology. My fascination was sparked initially by stories told by family members who worked in crime scene investigations and high-security psychiatric hospitals. My attention was drawn to hearing about their experiences and how they navigated their jobs, as well as learning about the people behind these notable crimes and what motivated them to offend. My investigation into the Hillsborough tragedy, additionally, broadened my understanding of how media portrayal can have a significant impact on criminal trials. I aspire to work with law enforcement in the future, namely with police or cadaver dogs, because they play a crucial role in investigations that are sometimes neglected. Volunteering with Guide Dogs has also demonstrated to me the impact that dogs can have on both personal and professional parts of a person's life. I enjoyed educating people about the specialised dogs and their many responsibilities, this experience not only allowed me to contribute to a charity but also provided me with personal knowledge surrounding the world of canine-related jobs.

While a personal description of myself can only tell you so much, many people have commented on my positive attitude towards education, as I consider myself to be an intelligent and dedicated individual, who understands the importance of police work. Exploring literature such as "Criminology Goes To The Movies" written by Brown and Rafter, further enables me to grasp the significance of examining crime through films and programmes. Since sixteen, I have been actively employed in retail. My employment requires me to interact with a diverse range of people, each with their own unique qualities and opinions, showing my ability to see beyond initial misconceptions. Plus, my job has been able to improve my interpersonal skills, which I believe are essential for both achieving in university and excelling in law enforcement. My later participation in The National Citizen Service offered me and my peers a personal conversation about our town's homeless population with our local MP and how the supporting council might be able to assist them, which strengthened my public speaking capability. I am confident that my limited but credible experience will assist me in my final years of studies as I explore the world through a criminological view and address complex societal concerns. I understand that pursuing employment within criminology can be tough, but provides an ultimately fulfilling career.

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