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The legal system lays the bedrock of moral code for our society. Law influences every aspect of civilization, and I've become thoroughly enthralled and fascinated with the legal organisation and law system.

This profound interest has led me to the conclusion that a university career in law is the most suitable choice for me, as I know that I would not only make a success of my university course, but that I would also enjoy and fully immerse myself in the subject.

My A level subjects have been a further extension to my interest in law. I particularly enjoy History, as it isn't simply a record of events from the past, but rather it shapes the entire structure of the future, helping to learn from our mistakes.

Classical civilisation has introduced me to texts I may not have otherwise encountered. Both subjects have taught me to confront complex sources that require me to analyse information.

The literature aspect of my studies in classical civilisation has allowed me to develop my skills in making a wide and extensive argument. These skills range from allowing me to rationalise an opinion, and sorting such opinions from fact, to building a well-rounded, thorough and balanced conclusion based on evidence from sources and careful research of context.

This year I was able to secure a work experience placement with a local law firm, which I found to be a valuable opportunity, giving me a better understanding of the career path I have chosen to undertake.

I gained a greater appreciation of what to expect within the legal profession whilst observing the procedures and preparation involved for a case.

I also noticed the dedicated and professional manner in which the team handled cases. I believe this experience has been invaluable and afterwards I became more enthusiastic about pursuing this career.

In school, I have been appointed a prefect. This has given me the opportunity to assume a position of authority within my school community, helping to serve the school faculty while offering guidance and help to younger students.

This has helped me learn to confront new challenges and learn how to utilise authority for the greater good of my school society. In my senior year I was a member of a small crew responsible for the construction of a stage for the senior play.

From the pressure of high expectations and deadlines I was able to draw added incentive to produce a high quality product.

Due to my competitive nature I strive to be the best in all my undertakings, including those of extra curricular activities. My enthusiasm for debating led me to join the school debating society; this helped me to refine my ability to prepare work in advance for a debate and think on my feet to challenge counter arguments.

Throughout my school career I have been a member of both the cross country and rugby teams; I would hope to continue cross country at university.

I believe I possess relevant skills that will help me perform well in a law profession; I am a confident speaker with the ability easily articulate my ideas and can work consistently to meet deadlines and targets. It is for these reasons I wish to read law and hope to continue on to a career as a barrister.

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