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Law is one of the world's most fascinating, powerful and fundamental aspects of life. It maintains order, helps build civilizations and in the wrong hands has caused atrocities.

My passion, enthusiasm and genuine interest in practicing law stems originally from some very influential childhood and early adulthood personal experiences. Growing up with a parent who repeatedly found himself in the court and prison system gave me insight into the depth of how law can affect individuals, this has fueled my passion to study law as I firmly consider individual rights paramount regardless of background, beliefs or class. Gained from these influential experiences is a strong resilience which has carried me through many challenges and contributed to my impartial and approachable attitude to life.

My early exposure to the legal system, to this day has been significant in shaping my strong sense of belief in justice and what is right. I firmly believe all individuals are entitled to fair and equal opportunities, my ambition is to study human rights law to alleviate the misjustices often found today and to advocate such rights. Individuals having their legal rights represented is a matter which I consider essential.

The quote by Elie Wiesel "there may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest" has impassioned me to provide power to the powerless. In a world fraught with conflict and human affliction there exists the need for people to demonstrate unity and fight for the fundamental rights of individuals who otherwise would not have a voice.

I keep abreast of developments in law by reading the Scottish Legal News, with current interest in the views of Mike Dailly from The Govan Law Center, with significance to the effects that universal credits are having on the citizens in Glasgow. Examining such articles adds to my aspirations to study law and gain the knowledge required to peruse a career in law.

Recently I have had the experience of sitting in on law lectures which I found highly insightful, also spending time in courtrooms and universities speaking with law lecturers and law students gathering as much information as possible, this only adds to my ambition to study law. The longer I spend in and around universities encompassed among law minded people the greater my aspiration's to study law becomes.

In my free time I volunteer as leader at a local guiding unit, which I take great pleasure in. I communicate clearly with my fellow leaders, ensuring my verbal instructions are precise.

Planning and implementing adequate activities requires exceptional organization skills and creativity which I exhibit to a high standard. Patience is also a valuable skill which I demonstrate in leading the unit alongside strong leadership skills. Listening to members and offering guidance and support in challenging occasions is a skill I have developed throughout my years as leader.

I have a keen willingness to learn, returning as a mature student studying SWAP access to humanities at South Lanarkshire College. Modern studies is a class I relish, particularly researching law in Scotland and its uniqueness in contrast with other systems of law. I unquestionably love learning, this is displayed by my outstanding attendance alongside spending my spare time researching, reading and studying. I am an autonomous learner who ensures all work is written to the highest of standards, my time management skills are displayed as work is always handed in ahead of time.

Having taken time out of education to raise my family now is my time to accomplish the vocation I covet. Managing a family, studying and volunteering I have demonstrated that I have the ability to plan and balance my time effectively. I have a tenacious determination to build a successful career in law, I fully comprehend what is expected of me in order to achieve my deep-rooted aspirations, but I am ready and eager for the challenge.

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I have applied for LLB law at Glasgow University, Strathclyde university, Glasgow Caledonian University.

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