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I have always worked to reach beyond the highest standards I believe myself capable of across a challenging range of subjects. Because of this, I was unsure when first choosing a degree and it was not until I had begun studying law that I realised my passion for it as it stretches me intellectually and also causes me to be analytical about everything around me and of myself.

Unfortunately, my time studying law at Brunel has not transpired the way I had hoped. Being caught in an abusive relationship for the past two years significantly impacted upon my ability to reach the grades I know I am capable of; and the nature of the relationship at one stage forced me to consider alternative courses of education.

Thankfully, through a series of emotionally and physically hard events, my ordeal was ended when my abuser was arrested. However, after dealing with many complications with the police and the justice system surrounding domestic disputes, I am passionately driven to continue into a career of family law.

After obtaining first year grades averaging a C in contract law, criminal law, constitutional and administrative law and English legal institutes and methods I was highly disappointed; although now, I am more determined to raise my grades to those I know I am capable of.

Sadly, these events have forced me to return to the safety of my hometown, family and friends. However, I believe that continuing with my studies at an institution whose teaching style is more suited to me can further help me unlock and reach my full potential.

In light of my desire to pursue my career into law, I have secured many periods of forthcoming work experience with local firms such as Follett Stock and Quality Solicitors Nalders to help me develop my understanding of law in practice.

Throughout my education, I have been involved in many activities and organisations such as English peer mentoring programs.

These ranged from helping literacy in local primary schools, to aiding GCSE students through their exam preparation during my free time at sixth form. I also successfully pioneered the anti-bullying program in my secondary school and was involved in training students to provide a strong network of peer support both in open clinics in school time and later interactive help for students via the internet.

More recently, for the past four years I have worked alongside domestic violence charity Refuge helping to promote awareness of abuse amongst teenagers and young couples; most notably, I have been interviewed for national radio, newspapers and documentaries along with helping to front the Home Office’s 2010 campaign “This is Abuse”.

This is a subject close to my heart – more now than before, and something which I hope to continue to support.

During my time at Brunel, I also took an active part in the Law Society helping recruit new members, organise events and also in particular to help establish the Community Domestic Violence Project which also gave me valuable insight into the domestic issues arising throughout different cultures and the help they may need.

Due to my experience with the vast multiculturalism I encountered during my time at Brunel, I have begun to slowly learn to speak and read Arabic; although I am far from fluent. I have also enjoyed working part time in restaurants and bars throughout my education which I believe has helped me to develop great time management skills.

Whilst keeping this busy schedule, I also enthusiastically play the piano – something I have continued from aged 8, attend regular yoga classes and am an avid bookworm for anything from medieval based novels to keeping updated with the Financial Times.

Finally, I believe that whilst I may not have given myself the best start to a law degree, I can and will be a vital part to your course and will quickly demonstrate the high level of debates, standards and grades I know I am capable of.

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This personal statement was written by pphipps for application in 2000.

law at Brunel University

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Applying to transfer into second year at different uni due to the circumstances I talk about in my statement. I'm not too sure if this is any good...


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