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“I want to be a lawyer, I want to be a lawyer!”, is the phrase mostly heard from my child and adolescent self every time the age old question, “what are you going to be when you grow up?” was asked. I certainly had no idea the level of rigor included in reaching that somewhat lofty goal, but the dark suits and big money meant more as a child.

Since then my goal has not wavered. The idea that a lawyer is the glamorised position epitomized by every John Grisham novel is gone, and a more realistic one lays in its wake. My reasons for wanting to be involved in the field of law have also shifted to more morally acceptable ones.

My reasoning now for wanting to be a lawyer is both realistic and idealistic at the same time. My idealistic self believes lawyers of any variety have the potential to do good. I do recognise some lawyers do not do good, and merely coast by, but it is my ideal that lawyers should help society to some degree.

The very qualitative nature of the term good is what draws me to this field. There are so many different fields and capacities of which I could serve in law that there exists never ending possibilities to forge strong relationships with people, and genuinely help them. Now on a perhaps more realistic scheme the field of law fits what I want in a career.

When I look at possible careers I look at what jobs I could hold that will keep me satisfied both fiscally and personally. As someone who is critical, almost exhaustively so, of the world around him, I feel law gives me a chance to explore some of those problems and see if on individual cases there isn't opportunities to find a way around something, or change something I feel unjust.

Had I been asked right out of high school if I would succeed at law school my answer would have been a misleading, “YES”. I would have been wrong, and thankfully due to a number of circumstances I went out in the real world and postponed my post secondary education. When I began my post secondary education I was a completely different person, with a personal drive to achieve my aspirations.

Three years off of school, toiling in the day to day drudgery that is manual labour, made me realize two very important things: that manual labour cannot keep me mentally stimulated, and it also taught me the value of a hard day's work.

Upon returning to my studies I became a student that I feel your university is constantly seeking. I became someone who was both proud, but without ego.

Understanding the differential between the two is something that any success I have will be directly owed. I realize the importance of professors is to educate, and that they are a resource to be used to its fullest, they are not holding personal vendetta's.

So instead of letting my ego get in the way I now am someone who judicially takes advantage of office hours, If not for direct information just for stimulating conversation. I used to take criticism as a personal insult, whereas now I view them as invaluable advice.

As far as the potential culture shock that could be associated with studying at your university, I have no fear to that affect. I spent two of my three years playing Junior hockey throughout Canada, where I was forced daily to meet new people and perform even in these foreign surroundings. Scholastically I also spent my first year of post-secondary studies at two colleges within the United States.

At those two institutions I managed to keep a 3.825 grade point average and play collegiate lacrosse.

As I hope I have shown I am someone who does not enjoy mulling about in the mundane. I am someone who loves challenges, and I actually perform better in their presence.

I would expect nothing less than a daunting challenge from the law program at your university but I feel I have shown I am up to the task. These along with multiple other examples are why I feel I am ready, now, to take on the rigors of law school.

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This personal statement was written by imcivor for application in 2009.

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I am hoping to go to the University of Manchester in 09/10 or maybe the year after . I am also pursuing law schools in Canada. ANy info on this very rough draft woul dbe appreciated. keeping in mind I'm more confused on content rather than grammar as that is worked through with the drafting process. Thanks Ian


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I'm originally Canadian and I

I'm originally Canadian and I'll be applying to the UK and Canada.
Where are you looking at?

I was under the impression that Law in Canada can only be taken at the graduate level.

*Check out my PS, I need some input it's the last one in the Politics category titled, First Draft..Politics/International Relations/SP

All the best

Fantastic personal statement.

Fantastic personal statement. Extremely well written. Hope you achieve everything you want to achieve

This is too good! As I was

This is too good! As I was reading it I was thinking "I wish I had written this!" Thank you for giving me some great ideas!

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