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Law is the foundation of every society. Professions in law are often depicted as glamourous and sometimes wrongly assumed to be simply fighting opponents in a court-room. It is hard work and, at the beginning, not well paid.

But I was not attracted to law because of a potential pay check or false glamour projected in TV sitcoms. To me, law is about helping people in need whether serving justice in a court room or as simple as helping someone buy a home.

My interest in law first started when I was younger and I watched TV sitcoms centred on a law firm and although at a more mature age I realise this was probably not a realistic portrayal, it fuelled my passion for law.

Since then I have read books concerning law by prestigious authors such as Glanville Williams and fictional law books such as 'Bleak House' by Charles Dickens and 'To kill a Mockingbird' by Harper Lee Collins.

I appreciate the basis for wanting to study law seems superficial, so I decided to participate in a week's work experience at Brachers' Solicitors in Maidstone, an international law firm.

They have many different departments and during my placement I worked under the conveyancing department, the probate department and the commercial department. Furthermore in the afternoons I walked to Maidstone County Courts and followed a case, observing the work of both barristers and the judge.

In addition to this I gained a place on the Oxford University Law Faculty's open day, where I attended a mock lecture, observed mock interviews and talked to many students. The open day allowed me to gain a partial insight into university life and the mock lecture increased my passion for law.

Due to hesitations on my behalf I also completed a two-week work experience at an Ashford Dental Surgery and a further month at Pennypot Dental Surgery in Hythe. During this time I observed dentistry but concluded that I did not like dentistry and I preferred law.

My academic success has reinforced my choice for my degree course. Completing this course in law will give me a firm foundation on which to base my career as a barrister. I look forward to studying the course in depth and exploring different aspects of legal profession.

In my own time I enjoy: long-distance walking, I have partially walked Mount Kenya and enjoy walking along the beach near where I live; karate, which has taught me self-restraint and discipline and reading, which I enjoy greatly. At University I intend to expand my hobbies and take advantage of the various sports and extra-curricula clubs.

Furthermore I have travelled extensively visiting a variety of countries of varying societies and cultures. For example I have visited India, America, Mexico, Dubai, Kenya, Uganda and many European countries.

Travelling, though not directly related to my career choice, has expanded my respect for human nature and especially when visiting countries of extreme poverty, has increased my desire to help others.

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This personal statement was written by ladyhitcher for application in 2009.

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hey this is my first draft, please rate/leave comments on how to improve


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its good but it gets boring

its good but it gets boring as you go down

the only thing that I would

the only thing that I would say that needs changing is about dentistry. although you looked into another profession, I personally don't think its really needed in a personal statement towards law...
But, it is a good personal statement, well done!

it sounds original. i like it

it sounds original. i like it

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It's Harper Lee not Harper Lee Collins. I think you got it mixed up with Harper Collins the publisher. To reiterate the author's name is Harper Lee.

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