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I've always been captivated by law and politics, from the time when I learnt of Rajiv Gandhi revolutionising the face of Indian government to John F Kennedy creating the peace corps to help underdeveloped nations. The beauty of law is that it constantly makes you go into a self conflict, it compelled me to think what's right and wrong.

We feel intimidated by it, yet we feel protected, but in the end we look towards justice and the law set by our society which can govern our very way of life.

The final inspiration to do law then came when I met my local MP Theresa Villiers with regard to a theft which had occurred in my house.

I went to her for advice on any compensation I could receive and to get help to catch the culprits. At that time she was demonstrating to a group of people on how the local council works and the way the government helps the society within the boundaries of laws, including people's rights on education, work, ownership and immigration.

She epitomised to me the true essence of what the law stands for, where the public feels safe and that there's a solution to any problems that occur in a society steeped in bureaucracy. I always had a keen interest in global affairs, which addressed key issues on children's rights and poverty.

I then went on to visit the Houses of Parliament and was in absolute awe as I could feel the face of society has changed and that we've come a long way and that United Kingdom has become a lot more morally conscious of people's rights.

I came to this country 8 years ago from India, with A-levels in hand, but at that time my education was not widely recognised, but thanks to the opportunity I got here where the education is of the highest standard and quality, I decided to re-educate myself and therefore joined an Access course, the only available course for me to go on a career path to law, which I have found interesting and challenging. Someday I would like to go on and practise in a field of public law.

I've worked as a dental assistant and a receptionist, which helped me socially interact with patients and colleagues, I learnt to be very meticulous and calm as it was an essential part of the job.

I'm a hard and conscientious worker and try to resolve a situation with patience and sensible reasoning. I'm also an inquisitive person with a habit of questioning something if I have my doubts, I like to analyse and deduce my conclusions with strong research. I've currently applied for a voluntary job at the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, so that I can do my bit for the community.

I'm fluent in Hindi and Urdu which is one of the most widely spoken languages in this country. I'm also currently trying to learn Arabic as it's one of the oldest and most intricate languages. I was in my school debate team, and can debate very well when I'm passionate about a particular subject or current event .

I was also in my school drama club and acted in a lot of Shakespeare plays. I love reading books by Rabindranath Tagore, Ken Follet and Irving Wallace( I'm a fan of J.K Rowling as well) in my spare time, I take an avid interest in films with a political flavour like Syriana, Malcolm X and Provoked which shed light on serious issues on a global scale.

I like traipsing around the globe whenever I can and have been to Turkey, Canada, America, Oman. I love countries which have a background rich in history and traditions , as they are good sources of information on how the world in the past was and how we have evolved into a modern society.

I would like to focus my life on our justice system, I'm not trying to change the world, but if in my own way I could make a small difference to someone's life, it would give me the satisfaction, that the law created is there to help us and that keeping faith and patience in our government could let us lead a life of solidarity.

I want to join university as I feel strongly that it would lend a certain distinction to my life, give me more opportunities to branch out and would therefore change my future significantly.

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This personal statement was written by sammy4 for application in 2009.

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I want some feedback on my statement and if you can pls do let me know your opinions, I'm applying for a Law degree next year and it would be helpful...thank you.


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