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Understanding and working around the fringes of the societies we live in and how they have been created has fascinated me. The law creates the boundaries we live by, understanding and knowing these boundaries, fully develops us as citizens. The study of law establishes the full capabilities of that which you can accomplish.

Learning to navigate through the complex spine of our culture in a form of critical written and oral communication has developed my passion for law. I was exposed to such experiences through my observation of both my local Crown Court and the Galleries of Justice where I saw the order, discipline and structure in the courtroom and the way the cases where undertaken and how people explained themselves influenced me greatly.

The particular sections of law that have attracted me the most are international law, corporate and business law. Relations between companies across borders as well as the communication and established agreement of both parties peaks my curiosity and is the major driving force to pursue my career aspiration.

My passion for International law is supported by my interest in different cultures. One culture I am particularly influenced by and I have dedicated part of my time to understand is Japan and the way their laws and culture is structured. Japanese history and arts is so exotic and exciting that I have been absorbed into its remarkable culture.

After I graduate, I would hope to apply for the JET scheme, which will help in my pursuit of a career internationally. I am currently self-learning Japanese which enable to immerse myself in Japanese culture and that has driven me to pursue a career working in or with international countries.

My A level study has increased my interest for law as well as given me a broad set of essential skills for graduate study. The use of laws to suppress and liberate have been influential in the way I view the law in the study of the American and French Revolutions.

The skills I have developed through studying A level history are not only analysing factors and written communication but also my understanding of the changes people make to keep the Laws evolving and up-to-date with current affairs.

A level sociology has enabled me to identify and apply sets of information to dictate my arguments. The sociological topics are extremely relevant to how society works and how crime and deviance is associated into how people think, which will give me working understanding of law, as it is being studied.

The subject that is the most interesting to me is psychology. Identifying the causes of behaviour and the complexity of the mind is influential in the way I see things. This has enabled me to develop my analytical and evaluative skills as well as my critical thinking skills. The combinations of these three subjects have given me an aptitude for essay writing and structuring argument in a debatable and persuasive manner.

In addition to my academic study, I have mentored students in lower years about their progress in school and the problems they have. Combining my studies with assisting in school events such as open days, I believe this has improved my interpersonal and communication skills, as I have had to work with students of many different ages.

I am an active participant in Derby Moor Football team and also Pride Park Juniors Saturday Team. Taking part in a 13-person squad team had giving me adaptive skills in made different situations improving my team working skills. I have a long-standing football experience with numerous trophies as evidence of it, including winning my local league last year.

I understand that law is a demanding subject that requires my full commitment and tenacity as well as hard work. Being an ambitious student I believe I can take advantage of the opportunities that your university offers. Due to my passion and drive towards excellence, I can think of no better way to enhance my intelle

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Understanding and working around the fringes of the societies we live in and how they have been created has fascinated me...


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