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"Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow"

This quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes sums up perfectly the reason why I feel so passionate about the languages spoken around the world. I feel that language is essential to the world today for without language there can be no progress. Language provides an insight into all aspects of a countries culture and I find this very interesting. The ability to speak in different languages opens up a whole new set of opportunities and is excellent for ones personal development. It is this enthusiasm that drives me to study Languages at University.

I first developed an interest in foreign languages when I was a little girl in primary six and I began to learn Spanish for the first time. I found it fascinating, as many people find things they do for the first time, but that fascination has never left me it has only increased. Having studied Spanish for almost eight years and completing my Higher Spanish last year I managed to convince my teachers to let me sit French even though I have no previous knowledge of French except a few failed attempts at conversation while on holiday. This is a difficult challenge but it is one that I am excited and willing to tackle. Languages are a key part of me personally not just my education. I listen to music in many different languages mainly Spanish and Italian, I love foreign films and have many friends from all different parts of the world and I love learning about their culture and their lifestyle.
My eagerness to study languages at University is due to the fact that I am very keen to further my knowledge of languages and get the qualifications I need so that I can take my passion and turn it into my career. In taking this step at University it will bring me closer to my goal. While I am very much a family girl, I would not hesitate to seize the opportunity to spend a year abroad and become a part of another culture. It would be an experience that would benefit all aspects of my development both academically and personally.

Being a Prefect at school for the second year and a carer in my home, I consider myself a mature and responsible person. As an active member of St Andrews Hospice, I take part in almost all of the races and events annually although I do not consider myself a particularly sporty person. This year I am a Buddy at school and I find this a very interesting experience for both the first years and myself. We are working together to make them feel more comfortable about their place in the school but the process is working both ways and is developing my confidence about my role in the school. I am currently waiting on a placement for a part time job in a Call Centre. I think that this job will be beneficial for developing my organisation and communication skills and I will gain more confidence and independence. When I am not working or socialising I am reading. Reading along with languages and Greek Mythology are my passions. I am an avid reader and I have recently delved into foreign books such as the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Harry Potter in Spanish. The combination of these interests is yet another step of furthering my language skills, as I am anxious to do.

For a while now I have been interested in working within the Civil Service or European Parliament as an interpreter or translator. Studying at University is the stepping stone that will ensure that I can achieve my dream.

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This personal statement was written by SabrinaFair for application in 2000.


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btw what program are you actually applying to?

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