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At the age of seventeen, I won an ASSIST scholarship that gave me the opportunity to spend a full academic year at a prestigious private American high school, which perfected my English to the extent of winning the school, local, and regional round of English Olympics.

I came in fifth in the national round in the Anglophone category. Moreover, a year abroad helped me to become more self-confident, responsible, independent, adaptable, and open-minded due to the exposure to a different culture, values and customs.

Since I have returned to Slovakia, I realize that studying abroad for a university degree will be more challenging to me. I have a passion for English, so when considering where to go, I feel that Scotland with its top-leading European universities would be the best choice.

Furthermore, I am enthralled by the Scottish educational system: its flexibility, individual approach, and passionate teachers eager to provide their students with both theoretical and practical knowledge and who would motivate me to go beyond my limits.

For the past three years I have been tutoring a diverse group of people in English. During this time I understood that the actual teaching of grammar and vocabulary is only one-half of being a good teacher.

The second part, at least as significant as the first one, is to build students' self-confidence and make them feel at ease and not ashamed when they make a mistake.

That was the moment I comprehended that psychological knowledge can be applied to almost every field of our life, and that is what makes it such an exciting subject to me.

Ever since I can remember, I have always analysed people's reactions, and I still find it intriguing how the human mind works. I still ask myself what triggers our responses, shapes our personalities, and causes us to behave the way we do.

I feel that studying psychology would provide me with the answers as well as highly transferable skills such as comprehension of the human mind, effective team work, and the ability to help others when needed, which would be valuable on a day-to-day basis.

Being in a mathematical class for five years taught me to implement logic and critical thinking into everyday-life situations as well to be hard-working, well-organized, and diligent.

When I was fifteen, I completed an anti-drug peer activist course that showed me how vital it is to understand human nature and the patterns of thinking in order to reach problematic individuals.

Therefore, I consider psychology to be crucial when dealing with people.

It has always captivated me how a language works, how it is possible to communicate, and even think in a foreign language. I have always been keen on English and methodically widening my horizons by attending an English-bilingual high school and reading English books in the original version.

However, I quickly perceived that nowadays one language is not enough. With this in mind, I started to learn French with the same zest as English, which paid off at the Asheville school where I was awarded a French II. book prize for the best French scholar.

Furthermore, I placed eight in an all-state French test and was awarded a Certificat d'honneur of North Carolina. I even attended French lessons in a language school to expand my vocabulary.

I would like to continue my pursuit of deepening my understanding of the French language, culture, and mentality.

Although at first psychology and French may not seem to have much in common, these subjects are an ideal combination for me. I seek practical education that will enable me to become more effective and useful to people around me (no matter what my future occupation is).

With fluent English and French, I will be able to make myself understood almost anywhere in the world. Psychology will improve my communication skills when I interact with people.

I find it fascinating how the study of a language, culture, and behaviour can overlap to provide me with a more in-depth understanding of humankind.

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This personal statement was written by michaela for application in 2009.

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so yesterday I heard from my last university and I have been made an offer by 4 of my choices: the university of glasgow, the university of stirling, the university of aberdeen and the university of dundee. St. Andrews declined me, though.


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I appreciate you sharing this blog.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

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