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Growing up in a bilingual household with Gujarati as my mother-tongue sparked my love for foreign languages, thus I studied French and German from an early age.

What I enjoy most when studying German is the flexibility of the language, for example in its use of compound nouns and word order. A knowledge of Germany remains key to an understanding of political, economic and cultural developments in Europe, partly through the German language in which I wish to communicate fluently.

The events of 9/11 opened my eyes to the constant threat of terrorism amongst us and how international relations were weakened between America and the Islamic world, igniting my interest in current affairs. International relations intrigue me most, due to global implications, especially discovering how relationships are formed between governments through foreign policy.

When viewing politicians in action, when delivering speeches at school or at the Scottish Parliament and at Westminster, I noticed their charisma and authority over the audience, furthering my interest.

With a degree in these challenging and diverse disciplines, my ambition is to work in an international organisation like the UN, practising politics and German daily.

Studying German has given me the chance to travel and explore a new culture and in February I took part in an exchange with the 'Maria Theresia Gymnasium' in Augsburg, which improved my oral skills immensely and gave me a true insight into the culture by learning some of the local history through visiting the Fuggereimuseum and by witnessing the Fasching festivities.

Literature has shown me how writers can influence the reader by their writing style from the simple style of Heinrich Boell or by personal experiences shown by Kafka in 'Das Urteil' and 'Das Schloss'. Reading books like 'Great Parliamentary Scandals' by Matthew Parris and Kevin Maguire raised the issue of political accountability while Michael Moore's 'Dude where's my country?' welcomed me to political satire.

I am an avid reader of the Times, 'Politics Today' and 'Talking Politics', magazines aimed at students to improve their political awareness. I read the tabloid 'Bildzeitung' daily, which teaches me colloquial idioms and 'Stern' teaches me about contemporary German politics. At school I founded and organized 'Deutsch Klub', a weekly society teaching students about Germany through speeches and debates.

Through taking part in work experiences with John Leech MP and Tony Lloyd MP, I saw politics function in practice and experienced the daily situations within a political office. Being a member of the Conservative Party, I deliver leaflets locally and have voted on key party issues, for example when I took part in the preliminary decisions of the next manifesto.

Last year I furthered my passion for languages and learnt conversational Arabic and Spanish while I am presently learning Portuguese and Czech at school and basic Chinese whilst teaching English at the Manchester Chinese Centre. Running the Indian Forum, a weekly assembly and the school newspaper for a term taught me the importance of responsibility whereas the debating and the politics societies introduced me to the art of public-speaking.

Helping lower-school pupils academically through Learning Support and being a Form/Bus Prefect has taught me of my duty towards others and aiding first formers overcome their anxieties through the MGS Friends Scheme was highly rewarding.

Currently I volunteer at 'Hazelmere House', a local nursing home, by walking and reading with the elderly and at 'Shakha', an Indian cultural club; I teach boys the art of discipline through marches and patriotic songs. I am a qualified life-coach, can play the tabla proficiently and the piano to Grade 3 while I play golf and cricket often at tournaments.

I am confident that university life and teaching will suit my style of learning and I look forward to the academic and social challenges it presents.

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This personal statement was written by kaiserk for application in 2007.

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I'm not sure what you all think but I'm reasonably pleased as it got me 5 out of 6 offers.
Ihave been accepted at:
St. Andrews
Edinbrugh Rejected,

I have accepted Bristol university


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Really good work! I like the way you keep it simple and don't try to hard. Helped me alot,thanks.

any tips for writing a

any tips for writing a language personal statement, you said i should ask!!

Amazing PS.

Amazing PS.

I live on a small island in the Caribbean so my school is very small.
I had a passion for French but our school is so small that there's no French teacher on island. So I was robbed of a language for IGCSE and A-levels whihc really sucks since I plan to study IR.

All the best

Looks Good

I am also applying to bristol for the same subject (either spanish or german) but i dont have an a-levels in languages but i am bilingual in portuguese. I got ABB last year and I am on a gap year. emails fabulousfabio@live.co.uk if you like to keep contact

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