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The degree course that I have chosen to follow is law. I have a great passion forthe subject of law and thoroughly enjoy the subject; learning about different aspects of law, how the English Legal System operates and its' impact on society.

I am particularly interested in Tort, Legislation, and Criminal Law. My career goal is to become a Barrister, as I am keen to help others in the pursuit of justice.

I am currently studying A2 History and English Language and Literature as well as Law. This combination of subjects has enabled me to develop the skills of arguing, analysis and evaluation that are vital when studying Law. I enjoy reading newspapers,which keeps me informed on topical issues and also broadens my knowledge.

I read the Law section of the Times every Tuesday in order to keep abreast of any changes in the Law and in the legal profession generally.

I spent a period of two weeks work experience at the London Borough of Hackney in the Planning and Building Department. I undertook various administration tasks and I was also able to observe how the Law can influence many aspects, including building regulations and planning permission.

From this experience I was able to expand my knowledge of the areas that Lawaffects, and also to further develop my multitasking, problem-solving skills. I also hope to spend two weeks in half term shadowing barristers, so that I can experience what the profession is like first-hand.

I often participate in extra curricularactivities that contribute greatly to the development of my experience, skills and qualities. I have played the violin for 11 years, and enjoy it very much.

From the age of 9 until 16, I attended the Centre for Young musicians in Hackney, where I had musicianship, ensemble, singing and orchestral classes, and was part of a choir that performed with the BBC Symphony Orchestra when I was 14.

Also, I was part of a theatrical production of Christopher Marlow's 'Faust' at Shakespeare's Globe in 2000. In addition, I am a member of the Air Training Corps, which involves having the opportunity to study aviation, and the History of the RAF and ATC itself.

The organisation is a military one, and has enabled me to further widen my skills of leadership and teamwork. Also, it has helped me to develop self-discipline and to also accept discipline from others.

My ability to motivate myself is a key factor in my overall success. I am an extremely hardworking person and I am committed to reaching my goals. I always work to the best of my ability in order to achieve and have very high levels of self-discipline, self-reliance and initiative.

Most importantly, I have a great passion for the subject of Law. My personal qualities as well as my ability to apply myself to my studies, hobbies and extra-curricular activities make me an appropriate candidate for university life as well as the Law Degree Course.

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Very Good :)

Very Good :)

it is a well written and

it is a well written and structured personnel statement. it has given me some help on what i should write.



Overall a really good

Overall a really good statement, but i think you can go a bit more into depth with what you'vs actually gained from your subjects and not subject related. e.g. newspapers - what newspapers? what do you do in english to broaden your skills etc. apply this technique to describing your other subjects. but nevertheless really good PLEASE DON'T TAKE THIS AS NO OFFENCE

just disregard that what

just disregard that what newspapers bit but everything else counts!!!!

gr8 stuff

i love ur p.s n wish u all da best in da future. . .

gd luk 4 da future

ur p.s is sweet, best of luk, hope u dnt mind i tuk sum ideas. Safe x


i just need great help in writing mine.i wish u gd luck.

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I think you could of

I think you could of emphasised why you actually have a passion for law. Also you seemed to have achieved to a high status in your extra curriculum activities, this could of been enhansed.

Too many 'I's'.

Too many 'I's'.

this is really good!

your ps was one of the best ones ive read so far as alot of other personal statements were not as good. well done!

Sonila Haskaj 6th november 2006

It is a very good one. It helped me to accomplish my personal statement. From my bottom of my heart good luck


This is fantastic it has realy given me ideas to use thanks

Comment by guest at 22:10:03

Comment by guest at 22:10:03 31/10/2005

it's could have, not could of

very well structured

very well structured

good luck with your

good luck with your application. this has helped me out a lot

i like ur personal statement

i like ur personal statement but which uni did u get into


that was a good personal statement

best one yet

best one yet


i think you deserve more than 1 star because your lovely xx

your personal statement is

your personal statement is very good and its been a great help
thank you

This is a really good

This is a really good statement

not bad ..

not bad ..

statement model

I can use this model

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