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I dedicated my fist two years of high-school to studying mathematics and computer programming, in order to familiarize myself with progressive logical constructions and to gain a new type of awareness, one that improved my view towards work in general.

Although the initial results (14th place at the "Oracle Global Data Modeling Competition", and a few more similar achievements) indicated a possible successful career in programming I have realised that the "developement platform" in computer programming is almost predictable and isolated from inter-personal communication.

This fact made it clear to me that IT was to become an asset and motivate me for a future career in law.

As extracurricular activities, in the same period, I have participated in debates and meetings held by the "Generatia Europeana 21s" ("European Generation 21st") foundation.

It is a working group whose aim is to put students and pupils with exceptional results at school, in contact with the intellectual elite. At these meetings and debates I learned how to sustain my ideas in front of an audience, and managed to build myself cogent speeches.

It was also the first time that I put myself in front of a blank page and experienced writing essays on matters such as education and science, but also the first time I was praised for such an activity, having been awarded "The European Generation XXl's Prize of Excellence" by Emil Constantinescu (former Romanian president and president of the foundation).

After this two year period, a number of changes started to appear, especially in the way I thought and viewed my future evolution. I changed my study profile to Social Sciences, started to attend local council meetings, lectures about discrimination, trainings on different matters, conferences, went frequently on local TV and radio shows but also helped my community trough the "Rotaract Club Resita" (of which I am a member).

All of these helped me see what problems our society is confronted with. I also took part in an international competition named "Aliante 2008" a political and military contest under the aegis of the NATO Public Diplomacy. This competition helped me improve my writing skills, my teamwork abilities and my documentation capacity, since I had a good motivation to spend long hours at the City Library.

In my spare time I enjoy playing sports (basketball and soccer) exploring new places, photographing landscapes, reading detective novels and meeting new people.

Since 1989 social change has continuously been "applied" to my country, thus generating a confused world, where public debates about civil rights are held daily, at a general level.

This is the context in which a countless number of situations, were a ordinary citizens cases come in contrast with the very basic citizenship standards and human rights, occur even more often.

Therefore, after being an eye-witness to discrimination of all sorts, corruption, law disobedience, disrespected civil rights, an over-bureaucratized world, I decided that I wanted to be an actor of this complex environment of social change that we live in, and help implement the process of social stabilization.

The best way of doing that is, from my point of view, by pursuing a legal career as an attorney. This view was undoubtedly generated readings in this field, the most important (to me) being Learning About The Law by Constantinos E. Scaros.

I chose to study in the UK, because in my opinion, it has the best universities in Europe. The United Kingdom has continuously developed its educational system for centuries, the result of this being important values, such as refinement and modernity.

It is the ideal place for a young and motivated student to study in order to have a shining career. It will surely give me the chance to trace a clear line between law and morality

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This personal statement was written by robertlaw for application in 2008.

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I have received 4 offers until the present time.
1. Leicester Univ
2. Manchester Univ
3. Dundee Univ
4. Essex Univ

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Nice surprise

I was looking for a top-rated statement and I chose to read this one because it looked very promising. I had the pleasant surprise to notice that it belonged to a Romanian.
I also had the pleasant surprise to notice that this Romanian's personal statement is extremely well-written. Bravo, baiete :)


thank you !

Hiya! I'm in the middle of

Hiya! I'm in the middle of writing my P.S and yours is really good and well writen. It's helped spark a few ideas in my head so thanks ;) Best of Luck with the future xx

great stuff

great stuff

good luck in the future!!!


gen wow :D

nice work! i am realy glad that you are one of us. an advice: incearca sa ramai acolo :)

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