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I have always been interested in law and its practical implementations, such as the work of the police force and the study of criminal behaviour. This interest increased during my study of History – reading about inequality relating to race, sexuality and gender inspired me to want to be an agent for change. I specifically remember learning about the Suffragette movement and feeling a sense of awe and pride.

During my school career, I always enjoyed class debates and discussions, especially relating to moral issues such as capital punishment and immigration. I have a passion discussing the rights and wrongs of our society, and will put forward my opinion in an enthusiastic and articulate manner. I also enjoy learning about the different aspects of law such as jurisprudence, and have a keen interest in criminology. My interest in the criminal mind reflects this, and has been amplified whilst studying mental health disorders in psychology.

I am currently studying an Access to Higher Education course in Humanities which is developing my academic research abilities as well as increasing my presentation and interpersonal skills. I have found my interest in Law has permeated through all my studies of English, History, Psychology and Politics, and I believe that these subjects are all relevant to the study of Law.

The recent political debate about Brexit has been particularly fascinating with regards to all the legal aspects. My course is also consolidating many skills which are eminently transferrable – communication skills, peer support and group work. I am proud that I have been able to demonstrate my independence and ability to use my own initiative during my course.

This can be seen in the way that I am working at a part-time job alongside college. I am also immensely proud of my resilience which is shown by my return to education. My love of learning and desire to study Law has transcended the challenging time I experienced during Sixth Form at secondary school.

I have a wealth of experience to draw on outside my academic studies. I have had a variety of office and sales jobs. These positions have all added to my skills of communication, teamwork and the ability to work using my own initiative. I feel that my hard work in these roles reveals my tenacity and determination which is also demonstrated in my return to education.

From my academic and work experiences, I have shown that I enjoy leading groups and I am also able to solve conflict and disagreement within these groups. I have a passion for music and enjoy attending concerts. I particularly enjoy rock music which demonstrates passion and originality which are important to me.

I am interested in reading and history, especially the First World War, the Suffragette Movement and also the Second World War. I enjoy reading accounts of these pivotal moments in history, for example Emmeline Pankhurst’s autobiography. I am also interested in the work of the Police and remember wanting to be a police officer growing up.

Looking to the future, I am excited at the prospect of studying Law and developing my knowledge in this subject. I am enthralled by the role of women in Law and would enjoy studying this further. I have been following the work the Centre for Women’s Justice do and find it particularly inspiring. The concept of defending people ‘without a voice’, such as people suffering from mental illness, inspires me as I dream of helping these people find their own voice.

I am looking forward to immersing myself in my studies, and I feel that my strength of character and talents will enable me to become a successful practitioner of Law. Underpinning my hard work, skills and abilities are my most important character traits; that of honesty, integrity and altruism.

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Don't think I did too bad of a job!

I applied to Oxford Brookes, University of Reading and University of Warwick. I didnt receive an offer from Warwick and wasnt expecting to to be fair, but received offers from both Reading and Brookes with an unconditional from Brookes.


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