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From my middle school years I've looked to become involved with moral reasoning, especially regarding what is happening in our world today, in the news, newspapers, magazines.

Stories such as the Guantanamo Bay prisoners make me question the injustice within today's society. What is justice and how I could get involved? It is one of the many questions that face me when I look at what it is that makes me passionate about law and the legal system.

Work experience at Chadwick Lawrence was a fundamental influence, it showed me the key aspects of what a profession in law entailed. It gave me a broad outlook of the work place and how intriguing law is in its perplexity as a subject.

The up market company required a confident disposition from an individual such as myself and a proficient confidence in order to interact with clients on a daily basis. I learnt that it is the employee-client relationship that plays a significant part in the law profession.

I enjoy dedicating myself in and outside of College with regards to enrichment and the sixth form council but also my efforts in lesson as well as out. I believe that taking A-level history has given me the skills I need to analyse and portray evidence in various arguments in addition to synthesizing information and thinking logically under extreme pressures.

My ability to dedicate myself in discussions confidently has proved useful in giving me the confidence to persuasively present arguments especially in A-level business studies. I believe that A-level English has aided me in my quality and ability to fluently write in an expressive and descriptive way, but more importantly, I've developed my level of spoken English too.

My educational experiences have proved of great use to me from a position in the sixth form council that allowed me to express my views and opinions relating to the future of my college to organising charitable events. These responsibilities have helped me mature and gain the recognition from fellow colleagues.

My lower school tutoring enrichment has developed my communicative skills by integrating skills gained from A-level business in order to help younger pupils develop individually, set targets and become successful learners in their subjects.

During my time at Giggleswick, I took up many interests and hobbies such as CCF (combined cadet force) which developed my leadership skills. During my time in the CCF I found myself drawn to the RAF division, taking part in flying over Liverpool and Blackpool in a tutor pilot plane. I also took part in other divisional camps such as camp Barry Buden, a CCF camp in Scotland.

This in particular forced me to adapt to new surroundings, meet new people, and most definitely taught me self-discipline which will prove greatly important for me in all aspects of my future life. I took part in 'Skarrig' cross country competition 07 and 08, gaining a bronze medal. I also took pride in representing the school in under 16's (A) team rugby.

With great positions of responsibilities in the sixth form at Shelley College, I've collectively, with fellow colleagues raised 400 pounds for the Pakistani flood appeal, which I feel shows my integrity for current world issues and my persistence to help others.

I've also taken an interest in Brazilian Jujitsu and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) while taking up these classes, I was forced to organise my time effectively as so that college work would not suffer as a result of this interest.

I always ask myself what I could do if given the chance and time to do a degree in law. I understand and appreciate that a degree carries more value than just an achievement, it is a life decision.

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This personal statement was written by Ldignan1 for application in 2011.

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This personal statement had gained me 4 offers by Christmas. Hope it helps somebody... I'm not a 'wow' candidate so hopefully, this will make people feel more confident.


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