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I was travelling in the Philippines earlier this year when I witnessed a public outcry against corruption break out. An audit had revealed that monies intended for developmental purposes had been misappropriated by government officials. Thousands of enraged protesters marched through the capital, plastering banners demanding an end to the malversation that has become increasingly common.

Watching the demonstration made me realise that the nomocracy, weakened by political graft was actively impeding their development. Rather than bettering the slums and providing the less fortunate with adequate medical support and education as originally expressed, elected politicians chose to enrich themselves at the expense of their people.

Through this experience, I became deeply fascinated by the extent to which a legal infrastructure could influence its nation's growth, and economic and political stability. It also showed me how vital it is for a country’s progress to have a strong and exacting rule of law.

Piqued by the intricacies of the law, I read "What About Law?" to gain a better understanding of the law and legal framework. Principally, the law is an instrument for social control. It is a structure of legislation and regulations working together and forming a judicial system that governs the behaviour of the public.

Establishing and preserving civil order, the law is an essential element of society, allowing it to function smoothly and efficiently. Equally, it extends unprejudiced rights to liberty and entitlement to citizens, protecting them without bias or discrimination. I am drawn to the intrinsically multifaceted and dynamic nature of the law which permeates the economic, social and political aspects of society.

Recognising how pervasive the law is and its relevance and application to our everyday lives has made law my obvious choice at university.

Whilst in the army, I had the privilege to gain additional exposure to both military and civilian law. As a clerk dealing with regimentation and discipline issues, I was regularly tasked to attend and prepare for Court Martial cases.

Periodically, I also visited the Subordinate Courts and the High Court to monitor criminal charges of my unit's personnel, ranging from petty theft to outrage of modesty and even corruption. Visits exposed me to the practicalities of the law as I observed how lawyers advocate judiciously for their clients.

The counsellors' arguments were concise and succinct while demonstrating acute attention to detail. Moreover, provided with a rare opportunity, I further noted how more than a masterful grasp of the law, judges had to be impartial and incisive to deliver discerning judgements.

My two years of National Service has proved to be invaluable as it gave me a deeper insight on how the law operates. It has also helped develop me into a more self-disciplined and meticulous individual who is able to cope with stringent deadlines, qualities I have found extremely beneficial while pursuing my GCE A-level independently. The study of law is not merely an academic subject which requires high degree of critical analysis and reasoning.

The practical skills and versatility in critically engaging with a breath of texts and issues would undoubtedly present many exciting opportunities in the future. I believe there is no greater challenge and intellectual reward than pursuing law as my chosen field of study.

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