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Throughout my school courier I have constantly harboured the ambition to study a course at university that was completely new to me and like nothing I had done before, this gave ammunition to looking into a degree in law, after reading around the subject I discovered that the course was perfect for me, especially with opportunities to combine other topics such as communications within my university courier.

I recently assisted at my fathers' company and found that I possess good interpersonal skills making me a 'people person'. I liaised with clients who had suffered during the summer floods and were anxious about their homes. I was able to put their minds at rest which I feel is an essential quality for anyone working with people.

To develop my appreciation and understanding of the role of a solicitor I am going to do work experience at 'Withy King' solicitors in Bath and talk to some law professionals about their roles within their firm. This will give me more information about working within the law and how clients are seen to and other methods that I will no doubt come across within my law degree.

This will further increase my knowledge of the subject and give me some first hand experience. I am also a volunteer in a 'Prior Concern' programme at a local Hospital; this involves communicating with patients, which will help me vastly in a career in law where I would be communicating with clients and other lawyers under perhaps difficult circumstances.

For the past two years I have been studying biology, chemistry and gat A level and have found them all too perfectly support my ambition to study law at university. Within my biology course I have studied the ethics behind IVF treatment and looked at various case studies in which the law played a very important part in people's lives.

Whilst studying chemistry I have discovered that my knowledge of various industrial processes can help me in a courier within the law as within chemical processes there are various laws that must be abided by. I have also heard about cases in which pharmaceutical companies have been sued due to malpractice.

Studying geography at A level has given me a huge amount of essay writing practice that has allowed me to perfect my technique which I believe is an extremely useful quality to have when at university, doing any course.

Being deputy head of house and a tutor group prefect has given me great responsibility within my school community. In these roles I communicate with younger pupils, learning to better understand their problems and offer confidential guidance often using my personal experiences.

These positions have helped me to mature as I have organised social events for large groups of pupils, including the sixth form fancy dress party, and have enhanced my efficiency skills at solving problems under pressure. I am currently completing my Gold Duke of Edinburgh award.

This, along with being a Corporal in the Army section of the Combined Cadet Force has taught me to be independent and to exercise self discipline. This will assist me in my law degree as it is a competitive and demanding field.

Travelling abroad has shown me that I would very much like to take a year out of formal education and become a Dive Master. This reflects my love of scuba diving, having been diving since I was twelve, and completing my diving qualifications up to Rescue Diver whilst in Antigua and in the UK with a local diving club.

Being a rescue diver has given me knowledge on rules and regulations that have to be put in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of a group of divers. This has been inspirational in me pursuing a career in law. Becoming a Dive Master will enable me to instruct others in a safe environment and increase their love for the sport.

I will fund my gap year by continuing with my part-time job at a clothing store which I have been working at since it opened in September 2006. Here I have learnt the importance of customer service and to work as part of a team.

I understand Law to be an extremely competitive and demanding course that will present many challenges; nonetheless I am enthralled by the opportunities that I will inevitably be confronted with.

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