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Law is the foundation of society. Without law, society would crumble. Some aspects which particularly intrigue me include commercial, company and contract law, which is why I would like to specialise in the civil branch of law.

Working in a major law firm, based in a city such as London, is my ultimate goal. In order to better prepare me for a career in law I have secured an opportunity to gain work experience in the legal department of the Welsh Government.

Through this placement I intend to further my academic knowledge and broadening my practical capabilities. With a strong passion for law, I believe I am a more than capable to complete, enjoyably and competently, the Law course and succeed in a career in the legal industry.

The driving force behind my interest in law resulted from my interest in familiarity with the legality of actions, pushing the boundaries and being able to effectively debate, with and without agenda, to better serve myself and effectively neutralise opposition through legal debate.

Recently, possible abuses of power such as the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri have sparked a stronger intrigue regarding gun laws of the United Kingdom and the use of military equipment by the police forces of the US, as English and American laws are so closely related.

An interesting aspect of the case is the widespread effect it created throughout the US and globally, reaching the United Kingdom's sentiments and causing protests against racism and racial profiling amongst the police force. I look forward to the legal implications of the recent protests.

During my Law studies, the topic of focus has been civil law. Studying the case of Gill v El Vino 1983 has broadened my knowledge of discrimination laws and opinionated me on the subject.

Additionally the case of Goodwin v The Patent Office 1998 has provided me a better understanding of the legal argument in equality rights. I have learnt, for example, positive discrimination is supposed to be applied in order to ensure a 50/50 male to female ratio in the police force.

If a male were to apply alongside an equally qualified woman, the woman should receive the job. While this is not mandatory, a number of companies adhere to the policy of positive discrimination, showing the gradual public acceptance of those with disabilities.

Previous work experience I have includes working in an IT office environment. Tasks included filing, recording data, using a specialist system managing employee work and location and using specialist equipment within the office such as the large multipurpose printer.

The tasks I was delegated have strengthened my organisational capability, ensuring all files are in the correct location with important information documented on a database of my creation. Throughout each file, I had to ensure critical information was documented and if so, correctly. I feel more confident in ensuring information is handled appropriately and researching said documents for specific information.

With this particular task I handled confidential information about employees and clients, such as driving license details and home address. I have learnt the importance of confidentiality; ensuring sensitive information is kept safe and private.

I take an interest in global events, so staying knowledgeable through my regular reading of newspapers such as The Guardian and BBC News, amongst other sources, ensures me better understanding of the situations and developments being made around not only human rights and animal welfare but technological developments and scientific advancements.

I find it an important aspect of our lives to understand and know why things happen, the consequences that follow and the repercussions in precedent it creates. Be it the official story or your own hypothesis on the matter. Law is much like reading the news, delving deeper into the details of a story attaining a broader understanding of the subject and the matters which it affects.

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Law is the foundation of society. Without Law, society would crumble. Some aspects which particularly intrigue me include commercial, company and contract Law, which is why I would like to specialise in the civil branch of Law...


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