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History, not law, was my first love, thanks to one of those incomparable, spirited teachers who every student should have the good fortune to meet at least once in their school lives. He helped me understand that no today or tomorrow is worth pondering without clear perspectives on yesterday.

Those insights germinated into a growing realisation that in the world of law, historical understanding meets purpose: I believe that a LLB will combine my natural curiosity about what happened when and why with my deep-felt need to contribute meaningfully to a fast-changing global society. The LLB course, too, matches, I believe, my passion for all forms of rigorous, academic debate and discussion.

To illustrate, I am currently studying the history of Civil Rights and race relations as part of my A-level History syllabus. Realising the law's ability to reflect people's wishes for more progressive societies has fortified my decision to become a solicitor.

In addition, the study of A level English has awarded me the opportunity to hone my skills in clear, succinct expression and analytical reading, allowing me to underpin the necessary aptitudes needed to pursue any education in the field of law.

I am grateful for the opportunities of various law firm internships that have given me a glimpse of what my future career as a solicitor looks like.

Alongside the firm's chief legal counsel, I have attended meetings with several clients. I even had an opportunity to become more actively involved as an interpreter between lawyers and their clients; this allowed me to make use of my bilingual Arabic and English background. I particularly enjoyed reviewing and discussing ongoing cases with other lawyers.

Throughout my internships, I learnt about matters such as Contemporary forfeiture, 'bounced checks' and creditors' demands. It was a seminal experience, reinforcing my resolve to study law at University.

In Grade 12, I had the privilege of being chosen Head Boy; balancing school work with newfound responsibilities was certainly a challenge, but one that I grew to enjoy. I often had to address students both through speeches and off the cuff; this allowed me to develop my public speaking and leadership skills.

As both head of the student council and editor of the school newspaper, I learnt to better manage my time better and, in the process, became more efficient. Also, Thanks to the inspiring dedication of my French teacher, I have attained a B1 DELF level in French that could be of major benefit should I choose, at a later stage, to pursue a career in the diplomatic core.

I enjoy many physical pursuits alongside academics, football in particular; I was the goalkeeper for my schools U14 and U16 football team. In addition, I enjoy participating in chess tournaments, which have culminated over the years to a FIDE chess rating. Prior to the start of every school year, I enjoyed volunteering to help the school's staff with uniform sales.

The experience offered a sense of gratification that helped reinforce my desires to provide legal aid to the underprivileged in the foreseeable future.

I believe that my natural curiosity in the world around me, as well as my aptitudes for analytical and essay-based subjects make me a suitable candidate for the LLB course. I look forward to the social ambience of university life which I believe will offer a life-changing experience.

As an international student in an English-medium school, the obvious choice has always been between securing a place at university in the US or UK. But, for as long as I can remember, I considered the latter my 'promised land', always preferring 'Silk' over 'Suits'.

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