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Law, for me, is a necessity to organise society and to maintain order. I view Law as a career in which I will have the opportunity to improve the lives of others and be able to evaluate the nature of human relationships.

I have always had a keen interest in the social sciences and have broadened this interest by choosing political science, history and environmental science as main subjects in my 12th grade.

I realised the only way I could fulfil this interest is by studying law as it is the common aspect that sparks my interests from this field. Therefore, I chose history, literature and sociology as my core subjects for my bachelors degree as, according to me, they complement each other very well.

Academically, I think I am a determined individual and have the perseverance to achieve my goal. I have achieved a 69% in my 10th grade (ICSE Board) and an 80% in my 12th grade (ISC Board). I am presently doing my Bachelors in Arts but have gained a first class in my first five semesters.

In the future I want to pursue a career as a criminal lawyer or on environmental law.

In school, I took environmental science as a main subject. We also started a compose pit to naturally dispose off garbage collected in school. We also started an herbal garden as we had attended a seminar concerning it.

In college, we have started a recycling unit so that we can recycle paper wasted by student and the administrative department among many others. I can proudly say that it has imparted awareness among the students and teachers as the membership has increased tremendously.

We also did a detailed presentation on child abuse and saw how the statistics behind the issue. We also learnt the meagre number of cases filed in courts and the vague law on child abuse in the Indian Constitution. I want to work as a criminal lawyer so that I can render some help in the field.

I have been a part of the interact club, in school, which does a lot of social work. We have donated basic necessities for children near mine fields, have taught children in villages and also raised awareness about the importance of recycling in less developed parts of Bangalore. I have also been a part of the hockey team for five years.

I am very interested in various subjects, mainly history, literature, political science, sociology, environmental science, media just to name a few.

I think I have the aptitude to be a successful lawyer of the future. I believe that the subjects I have chosen will help me in this field. History has helped me understand the mistakes committed in the past, literature has helped me look at different aspects of a situation, sociology has helped me understand the social system around me, environmental science has sensitised me towards gifts that are taken for granted and political science that has helped me understand different constitutions.

I have always secured first class in all my examinations and a distinction in my twelfth grade examination. I know and guarantee my interest in the field of law and am hoping to do a lot of research and field work in the areas mentioned above. I think that studying law at university would help me make the best possible use of my analytical and writing skills, and that a career in law would satisfy my need to help others.

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This personal statement was written by ramya for application in 2008.

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this is what i am sending out to universities personally for scholarships.....please comment.


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YEY!!!! wahooo smart dude

YEY!!!! wahooo smart dude


I felt it was good but could have been longer and i also felt there was alot of repetition.


I dont really like the beginning it is not grabbing my attention but boring me.
There is too much I, you can write sentences differently than I.
You have not linked your subjects to Law,so how do they know you are capable?
I'm sorry to say start again...maybe I can help from there

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