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I have always enjoyed the more qualitative and essay based subjects, where one is required to formulate one's own opinions and articulate thoughts. My A level subjects have provided the ideal platform for me to advance both my analytical and investigative skills.

I have always found the laws and rules that structure and govern our society both interesting and imperative to a fair and just community. This sense of justice and in particular equality has always been important to me, having attended a Quaker school, Friends' School Lisburn; this ethos has always been close to my heart.

During my school career values such as tolerance and equality have had an effect on all actions within school life.

My fervour for law was augmented this year when I spent a week with the PSNI for work experience. This confirmed my aspirations and has led me to pursue a career within the police. I feel the study of law is the most natural progression, through my chosen A level subjects I have developed a passion for reading and debate.

Particularly in my penultimate and final year at Friends' School Lisburn, I have developed an ardour for classical and contemporary works. Spawning from the English literature A level course, this interest has evolved and is now manifested in my avid pursuit of literature.

I know my zeal will continue through to university and throughout my life and I see it as a gift which will keep me in good stead when studying law at university, a course that requires one to be able to read vast amounts of course material and articulate one's thoughts.

Both of which are talents gained from consistent reading. Another demand of a law student is the ability to deliberate and debate that which they have read. This is one of the aspects that draws me most to the degree of law. I have always had vehemence for the classroom debate.

Always a very if not too active member of any debate I have learned to hone my skills, learning respect and manners and how to be more mature in a civilised and competitive debate.

I feel I have the maturity and work ethic to succeed at university, discipline hasn't always come easily to me, often wanting to be on a tangent, doing my own thing, my own way was a problem which often led to not fulfilling my maximum potential in my younger days. Senior school has helped me to overcome this problem.

As I grew older and more mature I avoided extra activities less and less realising that they provide the best method to further oneself socially, mentally and indeed physically.

The young enterprise programme in school was vital as I learned how to manage my responsibilities, requiring a lot of work outside school. It taught me to be efficient and resulted in a local and regional victory for our business. Participation in the Corrymeela project was a humbling and hugely beneficial experience.

For the first time I came to see myself as a member of society with responsibilities. Gaining an insight into other people's lives with regards to national identity and cultural divides made me much more understanding and appreciative of the need to belong in society.

Playing school and club hockey as well as football at the top levels has taught me the importance of teamwork and leadership to reach a personal and collective best and being a prefect in school has shown me how there is a need for discipline and the importance of ones responsibilities.

Ones actions rarely only affect one's self, more often they have a consequence or influence on our peers and subordinates.

I wish to study law at university because not only does it interest me the most but I think it would be a challenge and ultimately a very rewarding degree, I am mature enough and responsible enough to be given this chance, having experienced and overcome many challenges previously in my life I feel I could adapt to university life, be an active and responsible member of the community and be wholly committed to achieving my best.

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