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Having grown up in a country where it’s hard for a woman to achieve a degree in such a well-respected profession such as the law, my parents, understanding my aspirations to study and expand my talents, gave me the opportunity to study in Switzerland.

Law has always been a subject that I was interested in. In my family’s company I have been fortunate to observe the day-to-day practices of the company lawyers, which I found fascinating.

I learnt a great deal about the realities of company law and the skills required to be successful in this field. I know I fit the criteria to be a good law student and a good lawyer; I am hard working, committed and determined. After reading a guide to studying law by Nicholas J. McBride entitled ‘Letters to a Law Student’ I was further inspired to pursue a degree in law.

Studying for English Literature, Economics, Media Studies and Art A-levels has contributed to my interest in the law and, I believe, have helped me to prepare for undergraduate study. Through these subjects I have built such valuable techniques as critical analysis, evaluation, research skills and the ability to refine an argument and to select and deploy suitable evidence. These subjects have also enabled me to understand the wider society in which we live and the complex issues which we are faced with in the modern world.

I enjoy being part of the school’s Debating Society, and will be representing my boarding house in a school competition later this term. Being part of this team exercises different abilities, and involves a variety of approaches from highly researched argument to impromptu speeches. I also attend the Current Affairs Discussion group, which enables me to explore and analyse global political and social issues, most recently the ‘Wikileaks’ controversy.

Being a Deputy House Captain in my boarding school requires me to be energetic and organised. In particular I am responsible for co-ordinating the weekly outdoor expedition activities of all of the girls in the house, and communicating these plans effectively to school staff. I believe I am perceptive and a good listener, and often take the role of mediator in house disagreements. I am able to discriminate between what is important and what is superfluous in identifying issues that needs to be resolved.

During my upper sixth year I have also been selected as one of ten School Prefects. This gives me the opportunity to meet with the school management team on a regular basis to discuss current school issues and suggest improvements. Winning the school’s St. Andrews Cup is also something of which I am extremely proud. This reading competition is held annually, and I won it with a humorous contemporary piece on Arab stereotypes.

At the beginning of this academic year, I was invited to attend the annual Human Rights Watch dinner in Geneva. I have realised how much my country and its Middle-Eastern neighbours need my generation to be positive advocates for the Arab world. This has made me even more determined to study law.

As a future law student, I aspire to emulate great figures of the profession such as Glanville Williams, a very well respected teacher of Law, and public figures such as Dalia Mogahed, the first veiled Muslim to work as a US Presidential advisor. I look forward to the challenge I have set myself.

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This personal statement was written by albsar for application in 2011.


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