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I read “The Colour of Justice” by Richard Norton Taylor which provided me with a better understanding of the complexities of the UK legal inquiry system. This inspired me to study law. I was reassured by the outcome of the inquiry, although concerned at the flaws within the system given the length of time taken for the inquiry to take place.

Academically, law is immensely stimulating and its constantly changing nature provides a fascinating challenge to both society and those involved in the legal profession.

More recently as part of my independent study, I have extended my knowledge of law, beyond that of the 'A' level curriculum, through reading “The Law Machine” by Berlins and Dyer and “Learning the Law” by Williams. The discussion of the case Wilkinson v Downton introduced me to the concepts of ratio decidendi and obiter dictum as key elements of case law.

As well as providing me with a greater insight into the law, it has made me think about these principles in current day cases. Particular areas of interest include equality, human rights and the manner in which law has developed over time.

I chose my 'A' level subjects because of their particular relevance to the study of law. The study of A level law gives me an insight into both the legal profession and other aspects of the law which have confirmed my ambitions to pursue a career within the legal profession.

History has enabled me to develop my skills to write coherent and well structured essays. This is also reflected in my A level psychology. Some elements of history have a particular relevance to law, such as the development of social reforms in the early twentieth century.

Finally, my 'A' level Mathematics demonstrates my ability to work in a methodical, logical and analytical way. A precise systematic approach to my subjects and an ability to present well structured and considered debate, demonstrate my strengths and suitability to the study of Law.

I independently arranged two weeks' work experience in the legal department of Darlington Borough Council. I shadowed a solicitor who was involved in a case concerning the RSPCA. This enabled me to look at statutes such as the Richard Martin's Act 1822 and the more recent Animal Welfare Act 2006 and the case of RSPCA v Isaacs.

In addition, time was spent reading background literature, leases and other contracts as well as looking into areas such as the TUPE rules.

This worthwhile experience helped broaden my knowledge of the legal process and the wide variety of career opportunities available. I have also spent some time in the public galleries of the local courts. I was intrigued by the facts of a case in which the Education Act 1996 was applied and how background information can have a vital influence on the process.

I enjoyed learning about the court system and the range of roles involved in the administration of justice. These experiences have further strengthened my enthusiasm towards pursuing a legal career.

With respect to my extracurricular life, I work as a general sales assistant. This has enabled me to develop my communication skills facing a wide range of individuals. I also involve myself in my local community by helping with the administration of the village website.

Furthermore, in order to help focus my mind, as well as keeping physically fit, I enjoy distance running and have taken part in a number of charity runs. Currently, I am preparing to take part in the Great North Run.

The forthcoming academic years promise to offer me an exciting and stimulating challenge. I am eager and ready to face this challenge and believe that my commitment to my studies has prepared me for this.

I firmly believe my enthusiasm for the subject will provide a significant contribution to those around me and I look forward to being involved in thought-provoking debate.

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This personal statement was written by beccak_2k7 for application in 2000.

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Just applyed to Oxford, Kings College London, Nottingham, Queen Mary and Kent.. any comments welcomed?


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well done. Do you mind

well done. Do you mind telling me which university have already gave u offer?


Thank you for your post.Much thanks again. Awesome.

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