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In discussing what graduate programs I want to pursue, International Law came up most times. My family and most friends always had a puzzled look that read, “You, International Law?”. My motivation to study and practice law coins from my desire to cause a change in the lives of the weak and defenseless through the legal system.

Gradually, it has come to light that the subject of International Law is no longer unique to individual countries, problems related to law are gradually becoming global issues. A society without law turns out to always be chaotic therefore law creates balance and equity for people of different races, genders, and social classes. It ensures that people and institutions are governed fair and justly. I wish to embark on a degree that would give me a chance to sharpen my mind and deepen my understanding of conflicts and issues of security as well as human rights.

Pursuing an LLM in International Law at the University of Hull matches my desire to learn in an institution that will help me develop myself personally, socially, and academically and also grant me the opportunity to become a successful lawyer. During my undergraduate degree, I studied critical thinking and Practical Reasoning, Development Studies, International Organizations, and Public Administration.

Enrolling in the LLM International Law will help me put all these subjects together and open me up to a variety of international sectors as well as their challenges. I believe that the urge and ability to advocate for and serve others gives law its meaning and integrity. The knowledge and usage of the law are most needed by the susceptible in society and there is the need for the right individual to empower them to use it.

The LLM in International Law program is an innovative one taught by a combination of former and current practitioners, as well as research and teaching academics who are focused on legal practice which will help me gain practical legal, research, and presentation skills. Getting a place in this course will equip me with advanced analytical, research, and writing skills, and will lead me as a graduate to a wide range of workplaces.

The critical thinking skills developed in the course will enable me to pursue a wide range of careers in disciplinary institutions, government agencies, and even volunteer work, both domestically and globally. More importantly, the department hosts academics, whose cutting-edge research expertise and robust theoretical grounding in this field of study will be useful for attaining the required knowledge.

I choose the University of Hull and the United Kingdom because of the rich learning experience and informative interactions with experienced lecturers with a mix of domestic and international students. Hull has a good ambiance for students, numerous activities year-round, and a mixture of different worlds to help everyone fit in. Undoubtedly, higher education degrees and qualifications obtained in the UK are highly recognized by employers and academics worldwide.

The United Kingdom provides its students with an environment to develop their skills, knowledge, critical thinking, and connections to drive forward their careers. To a certain degree, I am detail-oriented making practical decisions and I can think critically and make decisive judgement. Studying critical and practical reasoning has helped me think rationally and work through a problem methodically in various situations.

I am also quite familiar with different assessment methods, including coursework, examinations, presentations, and group work due to my undergraduate degree. In a few years, I would like to see myself as a successful lawyer working in multifaceted institutions on a local and global scale.

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