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As a politically minded individual who has an interest in current affairs and different aspects of law which are always up for debate, I am intrigued by how they affect our everyday lives and would like to further my passion in studying law at higher education.

Law is not just an academic subject, it is both theoretical and philosophical; it affects not only the domestic laws, but current international affairs such as the crisis in Ukraine and the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

This is something I have a strong interest in because it deals with the law governing the relations between nations – particularly since the passing of the Human Rights Act 1998 here in the UK. The current government’s plan to pull out of the European Convention of Human Rights is of concern to me as it has challenged injustices in the UK courts as well as protect the rights of minority and vulnerable groups.

Academically, I have developed written communication skills while studying A-level Government and Politics, as I have had to practice writing essays that analyse and argue a point in preparation for exams.

Equally, studying BTEC Applied Law and Personal and Business Finance has enabled me to demonstrate my presentation and verbal communication skills as I have had to research independently, not just for my assignment deadlines, but also to present work to others in my class. These are all skills that I will apply to my law degree. To experience the law in action outside the class, I often sit in the public gallery of my local Crown Court.

Having shadowed at my local Citizens Advice Bureau, I understand how tough life can be in the UK and why there is a need for social justice. For a start, there are citizens in the UK, who are unable to find work, facing the indignity of relying on food banks as they don’t have enough to pay for basic necessities like food.

As a member of the college debating society, I have engaged in debates such as “is man evil by nature?” and “are bankers bonuses justified?” This is relevant for a law degree because it has taught me how to look at two sides of the argument and produce a lengthy argument for one side, as well as my ability to think critically and communicate effectively, whilst accelerating my speaking and debating skills, which will be necessary in my contribution to seminars.

Furthermore, I was privileged to be elected as the course representative for government and politics. This responsible role involves attending meetings with staff, considering peers views, which have helped to develop my negotiation and further develop my communication skills at all levels. In addition, I have developed my interpersonal, team working and time management skills by helping out at college open days as a student ambassador, thus enhancing my confidence.

For over a year, I volunteered at a youth club during my spare time. This involved leading indoor sports; team building activities, as well as managing children in challenging situations such as bullying. The nature of these activities required immense patience and a continuous calm approach.

I believe my skills and nature will guide me through the challenges of a law degree. In order to further my studies of law, legal and social justice system, I am keen to progress onto university as it will equip me with the invaluable knowledge and skills worthy of a legal career, or an alternative direction into the law commission, where I will be able to benefit the lives of others.

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This personal statement was written by dmul5 for application in 2015.

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I used Which? University guide as a template for my Personal Statement and to help me decide what I am going to talk about. I wasn't able to fit in every point about myself that I intended to get across. Didn't have any work experience in Law so I mentioned that I have shadowed at my local citizens advice bureau and I also mentioned my various visits to my local Crown Court to show that I have experience the Law in action. Law Schools like students who can debate, as it show important oral communication skills which are vital for Law etc. Current affairs wow admissions so I demonstrated my interest in that also. Feel free to take a look and take any ideas.


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