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It often occurs to me how needs for rules and regulations are determined and fulfilled in today's ever-changing and emerging world? Take the example of internet, what copyright laws are there? How online dealings are regulated? What authority is there to manage all?.

Likewise on international level it interests to know details of rights of war prisoners, regulations for refugees, terrorism(internal / external),I have never done any research work before , it looks very demanding and interesting.

I wonder on what basis topics are chosen? How students to whom all the method is quite new present their reports? What help they get from teachers? Why so many websites offer to sell dissertations? Can students buy them and get desired results? Then what is the use of their degree? I really want to know all these and much more.

My desire to get into the field stems from the inspiration of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, a renowned leader of nineteen century and founder of Pakistan.

He was a Bar-at-Law and had his legal education from Lincoln's Inn. He was highly disciplined and hardworking .I admire him for being a very bold, committed and honest person.

He devoted all his life for us Pakistanis, fought for muslims' rights and in the end succeeded in his mission. I also want success in my life and career .He has been my role model ever since I took up my studies in law.

Throughout three years of study of law the areas which attracted me most are Mercantile law, Equity, Medical jurisprudence and Civil law.

Now I wish to do LLM to enhance my knowledge and have a promising career thereby. It will open doors of opportunities for me .On one hand I will be able to join bar on the other hand legal advisors are needed in almost all the organizations plus I always have this advantage of teaching.

I am B.Com and LLB. I have done seventeen years of education. After my graduation I got into the profession of teaching. Teaching is also my passion.

One of the reasons of my joining the course is to be able to teach law. The occupation is very attractive to me for it provides direct interaction with the youth and you get ample opportunities to speak to present your views .Having taught in a couple of schools for about two years I really enjoyed supporting myself and feeling responsible.

I had a very useful and interesting teaching experience. I was extremely enthusiastic during the jobs.

During “Students' Week” I organized an exhibition in which students expressed their concerns over social issues through presentations. I once arranged a performing art competition in which pupils performed on some chosen situations .The objective behind these activities were to make students confident and creative.

As a library teacher in my school, I introduced use of magazines and movies to inculcate the habit of reading in students which was highly appreciated by the administrators. All these activities strengthened my faith in God and polished my confidence in myself to take up responsibilities and fulfill tasks properly.

My decision to go abroad is supported by my love to meet different people and know their culture and traditions.

I have a lot heard about foreign education system and really want to experience it. I will be financially supported by my family however I will also go for a work permit to support myself .My brother lives in Ireland so accommodation will not be a problem.

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This personal statement was written by fatima for application in 2008.

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This statement earned me admission in two world ranking universities of Ireland: Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin. After God I thanks this website in helping me to understand the purpose of personal statement. I wrote this statement after reading the guidelines available on the website. Howerever all the information I give is the truth.


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Being graduate you can do

Being graduate you can do better than this

need to add more stuff

need to add more stuff

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