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"If exams were spoken you would pass with flying colors" this is the very statement that fuelled my desire to read law at degree level. My ambition to read law can be traced back to my childhood as I sat watching lawyers helping people in need. The image of a client smiling at their lawyer's hard work is imprinted in my mind. The thirst to help people further stems my desire to read law. To me, law is about helping people in need whether serving justice in a court room or as simple as helping someone buy a home.

I have recently engrossed myself in the likes of "Learning the Law" by Williams, and "The Law Machine" by Berlins and Dyer. These have provided me with an insight into the workings of the UK and US legal systems. Further they have raised my awareness of how far ethics and morality are entwined within the legal system.

An area of interest is the death penalty which still exists in the US, the ethics and morals surrounding this law are rather controversial and it is this controversy which makes the reading of Law such a great attraction. I believe that my passion and interest in reading law holds me in good stead to be an engaged and successful law student.

My time in education to date has instilled and developed in me the skills necessary to read law at a higher level. Being a current member of the school debating club further contributed to my confidence in arguing cases with efficiency and potency.

Membership in the debating club requires researching information, highlighting the vital and controversial issues, structuring my understanding in a logical way, and delivering an argument in a coherent manner. I am also currently a prefect at the college, so I am instilled in almost every aspect of college life and always being read to give a helping hand at events. These skills mirror the skills needed of a law student.

My choice of subjects at AS and A level have further developed my academic skills. The study of psychology and religious education has enhanced my ability to question and analyse critically the world in which we live. A key skill required of law student as it is vital that a lawyer is able to critically evaluate situations in order to understand the facts of a given case and how this may be interpreted by others. The study of English has developed my literacy skills further, being able to contrast texts, structure arguments and produce high quality essays.

A further skill required of a lawyer, as a lawyer must be able to present his points coherently both verbally and through written work. Reading law has provided a sound insight into the demands of reading Law at a higher level. The course to date has given me knowledge of how the English legal system operates, the key figures involved in the system and how to analyse laws and apply them to given facts.

I possess personal qualities that I believe will encourage me to pursue a successful career in the legal system. I have a natural drive to help people; this can be seen from my willingness to help younger students with their reading, and peers with law essays and exam preparations. My non-academic interests scope from exercising, star gazing/astronomy and reading classic novels by authors such as Charles Dickens and Emily Bronte.

Having the resilience to cope, I believe I will be a successful woman for this emerging generation in the law. As I feel that my accomplishments will be able to benefit the lives of others if I am given the chance to study law at university level. Thankyou for taking your time to consider me.

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This personal statement was written by iluvorangutans for application in 2011.

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University of Westminster
School of Oriental and African Studies
Queen Mary, University of London
University of Greenwich
City University

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this is a pretty good

this is a pretty good statement, it should get you into queen mary, good luck!

which universities offered

which universities offered you a place?


Thank you for your blog.Really thank you! Awesome.


I am so grateful for your article.Much thanks again. Awesome.

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