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The major of law has been always intriguing me as one of the most practical, useful tools in our life due to its broad coverage, fast rate of evolving and fundamental importance, I had already made up my mind to pursue my passion in legal study that could fulfill my dream, enables me to contribute to make the world a better place.

In point of fact, law has far reached every aspect of our daily life; it’s the fundamental element to maintain our standard of living and to ensure the prosperity of our life. I’ve considered law as a fascinating subject since I am a social science minded person, so law is very suitable for me due to its extensive reflection of realms of politics, economics and society in various different approaches, which fueled my passion to delve this subject in depth.

The reason why I chose law as my major is also vastly due to its challenging nature, relish from the extensive sense of achievement through varied tasks that would release my full potential in future law-related study and career. Apart from this, my knowledge of the world and way of thinking would be immensely enriched after I finished the course.

My genuine ardor to read law was triggered by the ever-changing nature of the society. I am particularly interested in international and business laws; partly it was stemmed from my father’s profession as a diplomat in the commercial department.

He worked in the UK embassy for five years, having engaged in the commercial communication between the firms and governments, he often telling me the grave importance of legislations in contemporary societies particularly in developed countries.

In addition, working and living in different countries is part of my life-plan. I know that laws are extremely useful both practically and theoretically in the global scope, thus could gratify my dream.

Studying IB economics, particularly international trade makes me greatly fascinated in the interrelation between legislations and trade protectionism. In many cases, countries have favoritism in different forms, and this usually hinder the development pace of trade within different countries. My enthusiasm of global commerce directly fired my determination to pursue my passion in law study.

Having a fantastic work experience in Marathon Oil Company, this internship strengthened my understanding of how laws work in our real-life, the legislation department. At there I was very lucky to be involved in business and firm contracts.

From the convoluted and extensive contents included in contracts, I realised how important it is to be meticulous. This internship also had taught me much about time-management, linguistic and organization skill.

Aside from academia, I enjoy sport activities and musical instrument. I mainly enjoy racket sports notably tennis and table tennis. While playing them my physical capacity was strengthened as well my mental capabilities. I learnt the significance of fortitude, diligence and forbearance. I also enjoy playing clarinet and once was a member of Westminster Youth Orchestra.

My fascination in pro bono activities leads me participate in community service in my school. I enthusiastically approached the orphanage kids who regularly come to our school on every Friday. This activity requires sustainable commitment of time and energy for the kids, I exercised my responsibility and organisation skill that I believe would be beneficial for my future study and career.

In my leisure I also relish from reading, having read the world classic ‘To kill a Mockingbird’, my awareness of the term ‘justice’ is enhanced and realized that it’s particularly important for those people who are in the disadvantaged position. From the reading I realized that jurisprudence system should always be equity and justice oriented.

I believe that I will be excelling in study law at university. Overall, I am both academically and socially prepared to be challenged at great schools that provide excellent, high-quality education. By knowing that Law study requires excessive amount of time and effort, I am very delighted to be committed in my future study with persistence and diligence.

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This personal statement was written by liy for application in 2011.

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This is my very first draft of my personal statement. I think it needs to be improved alot so any suggestions and comments are welcome.


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