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My desire to study law grew from my love of TV shows and movies centered on law firms and investigations. Today, I realize that this was not a realistic image of law, that it had been in many ways glamorised and I now know that reality will be more rewarding.

The law course I have been studying since last year has really fuelled my desire to study law at university. Learning how the French legal system is built and how its jurisdiction works has given me an in depth approach of French law and a concrete idea of the specific aspects and complexity of this subject: law is not only the foundation, but also the reflection of our societies, as it keeps evolving and adapting to our times. My interest in law now surpasses what used to impress me on TV.

In addition to law, the various subjects I am studying for my French baccalaureate led me to acquire a wide array of skills: from Ancient Greek, I have learnt the importance of the art of rhetoric, perfected thousands years ago, but which still holds a major role in our modern societies, analysing speeches written by famous logographers such as Demosthenes and Antiphon and learning about the foundation of democracy and law in civilisation.

From philosophy, I have developped a capacity for analytical reasoning and building thesis upon logical argumentation, evidence and judgement.

Joining the Model United Nations Club at my school last year helped me improve my debating skills and taught me how to structure and organise my thoughts while overcoming my fear of public speech and captivating my audience.

After one year in this club, I was elected head of press of their magazine, another rewarding experience as it taught me the importance of team work, listening to other ideas, discussing them and reaching an agreement through debate and compromise. This debate club taught me how to formulate valid and beneficial arguments using reason and evidence, a fundamental basis of law.

Although I have had the chance to travel all around the world from a very young age, I have lived in France all my life and having a Welsh father offered me the opportunity to have a bicultural education. Entering an international school three years ago not only led me to acquire a more global vision and keen interest in other cutlures, but also helped me embrace my British culture.

Furthermore, studying English literature and history made me realise how much I wanted explore the rich culture that composes half of my identity. It today seems natural for me to want to study in the UK.

I would like to specialise in Criminal law and develop a greater understanding of the social and psychological study of our society. I learnt in my Law class that criminal justice settles disorder in society and punishes the disturbing behaviour that someone can inflict upon a community.

The era we are living only enhances the importance of a solid legal foundation of our societies and in our world: it is also a time where dramatic changes and adaptations will be needed as our society. The terrible events that struck my home town last year served to enhance my deep interest in law, making me realise an effective legal system was the warrant of our democracies when facing new challenges.

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I am French and British. Applying to Kings College, UCL, Aberdeen, Birmingham and Cardiff.


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