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Law was only introduced to me during the end of school, where I began to think about my choices and reading various types of law. This really broadened my knowledge for the subject and became fascinated by the complex decisions that could change people’s lives.

I decided to take a risk and learn more about the legal system which then paid off as I progressively became more engrossed in the subject, which resulted in wanting to peruse the subject into a career and now I’m determined to achieve my full potential.

My ambitions for my career are extremely high as is anything else I am involved in. Personal ambitions is also something I take very seriously and I am strong-minded in travelling the world and experiencing things that others wouldn’t.

After visiting the magistrate’s court and sitting in the public gallery to enhance my knowledge for the proceedings in a court room I was determined to learn the role of a solicitor thoroughly.

So I spent around 15 hours over the course of two days shadowing several solicitors at Roy Foreman & Co. Solicitors where I had the opportunity to shadow Roy Foreman himself but spent the majority of the time shadowing Jade and Rebecca which really emphasised to me how important it is to pay attention to detail to your client.

They both made me realise that you must stay mature and non-judgemental irrelevant to the client or the case.

The most important asset I had learnt was that that the court room was a slightly more relaxing atmosphere than it is said to be, as I witnessed solicitors and worships exchange jokes between each other, which reduced my nerves of becoming a solicitor.

I am also studying mathematics and computing, in order to increase my strength with problem solving and dependability. Computing has assisted me in my communication skills and being able to work accordingly with a client due to having to find one and develop a system to improve their company.

Mathematics has led to me become adaptable to thinking of a solution progressively and immediately. Having a weekend job on top of these courses really benefited my time management skills, as I had to balance my college work, social life and receiving a sufficient income.

The majority of my jobs have consisted of watering which has really benefited me in public speaking and capability to socialise with strangers.

Having experienced first-hand the role of a solicitor I believe I have the knowledge and determination to accomplish my goals in this career if I am given the opportunity to study law at university level. Thank you for taking me into consideration.

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